1 Month to go until spring!!! But have you ever heard the quote; “Stop counting down the days and start making each one count.” … Or something along those lines. Either way babes, it is wise. Now if you’re anything like us all you want is some god damn sunshine and it’s getting you down. Since we can’t give you sunshine, we decided to put together 10 whole ways that you can actually start enjoying winter and get your butt outta that rut.

1. Two words; winter clothes. They’re the only thing I look forward to in winter… correction, used to be. That was before I wrote this blog and realised there was much more to the unpopular season. If you’re too grumpy and cold to put the ugg boots away & go out and live life, what you need is a brand spankin’ new amazing winter coat or boots or both to get you inspired.

2. Get a pass to the ski fields or go for a holiday. In places like America, Canada, Switzerland, France, Austria, etc. People actually look forward to winter. Why? Because there is an abundance of amazing ski mountains and resorts with bucket loads of snow. We may not have the bucket loads of snow thing going for us but we do have some pretty decent places to grab a board and run a-muck on some mountains. So grab some friends and get your butt out there.


3. Decorate for the season. Make your bedroom and living space super cosy with beautiful throws, cushions and rugs to turn your home into a space you don’t even want to leave. Invest in some gorgeous pots and indoor greenery and you’ll love cosying up on the couch watching the rain fall.


4. Embrace the indoors. Stop focusing on things you can’t do outside like lie by the pool with an aperol spritz and BBQ burning (don’t think about it, don’t think about it) and make the most of the indoors. Spend the day cooking an amazing meal for friends and then hang out, eat that delicious food and drink a damn fine red in good company.


5. Amp up your workout routine. There is no better time to prepare for your summer bod than in winter. Get a gym membership or a trainer and set yourself goals and make sure you reach them before it’s time hit the beach. Get a friend involved to really make you accountable.


6. Give your skin some TLC. Winter can be harsh on your skin, drying it out, causing eczema and break outs. So invest in some good winter skin care and luxe moisturisers to keep your summer glow beaming through the cooler weather.


7. Work on your health. In winter there are god knows how many viruses and bugs flying around so it’s super important to keep your immune system at the top of it’s game. Eat lots of healthy veggies, take a probiotic, and talk to your trainer or GP about how you can maximise your health. Make sure you don't give into you sugar cravings and try out this 'beetroot berry bowl' by @belinda.n.s with a tasty Health Lab Protein Ball.


8. Get attached to a TV Series. Did you love the OC? Gossip Girl? Suits? Watch them again. Have you been meaning to get stuck into House of Cards for ages? Do it. Summer might be the time for lovin’ but that doesn’t mean you can’t fall for a hansom tv character in the mean time…


9. Book a sunny trip away for a break. Who are we kidding… The best way to deal with the winter blues is getting on a plane and jetting off to Croatia or Greece or the south of France or even Bali for some Vitamin D and a summery cocktail or ten.

10. We tried really hard to come up with 10 good things about winter… Sorry babes, you’re going to have to stick to 1-9...


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