We know that our Health Lab babes are all super busy and as great as being busy is, it can seriously take a toll if we're not looking after ourselves properly! If we're spending too much time at work, thinking about work and worrying about work the stress can actually start to become visible. 

Having your work life balance out of whack can affect your physical & mental health, weight, skin and even put a strain on your personal relationships. All these things considered, you can see why having a healthy work life balance is super important for our happiness and well-being.

We chatted amongst our office and came up with the following top 5 tips for acing our brilliantly busy lives. 

1. YOU Time.

True balance starts within you so it makes sense that yourself should be your number 1 priority. Take time doing the things you love and don't forget how important they are.

Practise the art of meditation, learn a new skill and always schedule your gym class or sweat session into your calendar to remind yourself next time you're tempted to work a little overtime.

Remember that your manager is looking for a team member who performs, not hangs around the office until all hours of the night. If you're feeling refreshed and motivated each day you go to work, you'll be a lot more productive too!

2. Set Goals

Goals are so important when it comes to staying focused, on track and performing. Set your goals for the week, month and year and spend some time on your personal ones too.  

We all know how quickly things change and knowing where you'll be in 5 years is almost impossible but having a 5 year plan isn't as silly as it sounds and it's worth figuring out what you want.

Once you know that, visualise it, plan for it and most importantly believe it and you will get there. Set up a vision board at home or in your office and spend time reviewing it over your morning cuppa. 

3. Limit time-wasting activities (and people!)

Start by being super clear on your priorities so that next time you find yourself stuck in a never ending Instagram spiral, stalking your friend's-friend's-girlfriend's-acquaintances-boyfriend, take a moment and ask yourself if the time you're wasting now, is worth missing your spin class because you have a deadline to meet. 

Another top tip our office lives by is limiting checking our emails to twice a day, once in the morning after we've planned out our day, and once in the afternoon. This way you're working to your own schedule, not the people who are filling up your inbox.

4. Unplug

Technology, we love it so much that some people actually feel anxious when they're away from their smart phones for too long! Make your bedroom a tech free zone, unless lives depend on you answering your phone during the night, you don't need to be contactable 24/7. Removing yourself from your social media, texting, dating apps and whatever else keeps scrolling will help you to relax and sleep a whole lot better. 

5. Be Social

Don't wait until the weekend to catch up with friends and socialise. Mid-week activities like a healthy cook up, social sport or movie night will break up the week and stop you living for the weekends! 



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