If you babes are anything like us, all the nonsense health claims floating around the internet can be frustrating and confusing. Given we're all about making eating healthy simple and easy, we did a little digging into coconut oil to give you the 411 on this babies benefits.

1. Quit thinking FAT = BAD!
There are many different types of fats and although coconut oil is considered a saturated fat, (which normally makes babes think RED FLAG!) it is a healthy form of saturated fat.

The technical term is "Medium Chain Fatty Acids". The difference? Our body metabolises MCFAs in the liver, immediately converting it into fuel for brain and muscle function rather than being stored as fat.

2. Boosts Metabolism & Aids Weight Management.
Research has linked women's consumption of coconut oil with reduced abdominal obesity, protection from insulin resistance and a boosted metabolism which helps to burn more kilojoules! If you're a newbie to coconut oil start with adding 1 teaspoon per day to your diet and work way your way up to 4.

3. Halt Those Sugar Cravings!
We know we bang on about these a lot and how good our balls and protein are for reducing this, but cooking your meals with coconut oil will also help! Good quality fats are more satisfying than carbs and will deliver the message to your brain that you're full. Remember hunger is sign that you're body is craving nutrients so if you're not fuelling your body with right foods, you will need to consume a lot more before you feel satisfied. 

4. Eases Digestion and Bloating.
The Fatty acids found in coconut oil have a soothing affect on the bacteria and parasites that cause poor digestion and bloating. 

5. Glow Baby Glow! 
Coconut oil is not just great for cooking it's for super hydrating for your skin too! Coconut oil keeps connective tissue strong which prevents sagging and wrinkles. So rub some virgin coconut oil into your skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and create a fresh healthy glow!

By the way, all this talk about how great coconut is has got us thinking... Stay tuned for some exciting news babes!

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