Finding time for a quickie with fit and fashionable girl boss Tully Lou can be a tough squeeze so we've done the smooth talking for you!


WORKOUT... Oh wow this is a hard one. I  just love doing anything where I sweat, get my heart rate up something usually with friend is always the best!  OR maybe that time I was at Soul cycle in LA and David Beckham was spinning in front of me  ;) 


BREAKFAST… I am a sweet girl.. Love porridge, muesli, bircher! Usually something with oats to keep me full.  

TRIP… This is a hard one as I have been to so many amazing places. I think one would have to be my first Europe trip with my family it was a really pinch myself moment with my family. We all travel a lot together but this trip really made me appreciate my family and the experience's we had together memories that I will have forever.  Another trip I would have to say the first time I went to NY - one of my favourite cities in the world! 

INSPIRATION… Travel for me is a huge inspiration. I also get really inspired by other business owners. Especially when they have inspiring stories of how they became successful + how hard they worked to get there! That always pushes me to work harder I get so inspired. 

GIFT... Classic Chanel bag for my 21st birthday 

SHOES… I am a sneaker kind of girl. I love teaming up some connies or Adidas stans with just about any of my outfits + yes I have worn a cocktail dress with connies before. 

COFFEE… Is Clement at the South Melb Market. Strong Soy Flat white keeps me buzzing! Its like my little treat after an intense morning workout. 


The Best You Ever Had, COMING SOON!

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