Have you been eating healthy for breakfast, lunch and dinner but still having trouble reaching your goals? It might be time to point the finger at your snacking habits then babe. We've rounded up the most common three mistakes that women make to help you recognise when to stay away and how to snack without the crap!


Do you sometimes have a packet of lollies/chips/chocolate/anything snacky sitting on your desk to satisfy your 3PM cravings? Is it because it’s super easy to just grab a handful while you continue working on your plan to take over the world? Babe, stop it! This is one of the worst things you can do and a sure fire to add a couple of winter love layers to your summer bod.

When we shovel food into our gobs mindlessly and pay more attention to a screen, we miss the signs that our body has had ENOUGH! When you’re feeling low on energy and the cravings for your afternoon snack set in, get up from your desk and take a seat somewhere else in the office with a nice cup of tea and pay attention to what you’re feeding your body. And for god sakes, throw away those artificial sugary snacks and satisfy with yourself something nourishing. Our 3PM Protein Balls will do just the trick!



Us emotional babes know all too well that every emotion has a different naughty food craving… Depressed? Get us a tub of cookies and cream ice cream STAT. Stressed? Pass the block of rocky road chocolate… Well get a handle on yourselves ladies and reign in those desires because letting our emotions decide what we put in our bodies is the most common mistake that women make.

It’s easy to rationalise a bad food decision if we tell ourselves it will make us feel better, but ask yourself this, when has it actually made you feel better? If guilt, bloating and feeling so full you could burst is your idea of ‘better’ then by all means, grab a spoon! Alternatively, there’s no harm in indulging your chocolate cravings by grabbing our all natural, added sugar free ENERGISE Protein Balls.



Every busy babe is guilty of speed snacking when we’re running around trying to juggle kids, clients, co-workers and just life. The reason that speed snacking is so bad isn’t necessarily because you’re moving quickly, (but please remember #1 – Mindless Snacking), it’s because there aren’t too many quick snack options around that are actually good for you.

If you’re speed snacking, it’s likely you’re not putting together a bright and colourful salad with fresh salmon, lemon juice and a touch of cracked pepper… #AMIRIGHT? You’re likely reaching for a museli bar or something else convenient that’s full of sugar and about as satisfying as window-shopping. Lucky for you, we have a solution, and in 6 different flavours no less.


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