Ever wonder where all the time goes on the weekend? Suddenly that biatch Monday rolls around and we’re left with a 2-day hangover, wondering why we’re so unprepared for the week.

Now we’re not suggesting that you spend your Sunday drowning in work instead of wine, however there’s no harm in taking a little time out to start easing yourself back into the work week. Here are our top tips on how to get the most out of your Sunday. Step 1: don’t be hung-over. Just kidding! (Although seriously, that would really help).


Skip Sunday brunch! – KIDDING! Please don’t throw a hotcake at my head! However, filling up on heavy food and alcohol can easily leave you with a food coma that keeps you feeling gluggy well into your Monday. If you just can’t ditch brunch with the girls, go with the brekkie salad on the menu or grab a green smoothie!


Prep meals for the week – don’t freak out, we’re not telling you to make 21 breakfasts lunches and dinners. Even just planning what recipes you’re going to cook and making sure you have the ingredients handy can keep you on track with your healthy eating goals! Extra tip: checking you have your brekkie staples in the cupboard can also help you avoid the Monday morning toasted sandwich breakfast on the way to work.


Make Sunday meaningful – totally understand if all you want to do on a Sunday is watch the entire new season of Will and Grace, but hear us out! Doing something personally fulfilling doesn’t have to take the whole day, and can leave you feeling accomplished and inspired come Monday! Some of our favourites are going on a short walk through the local park, or heading to the market and buying and potting a new houseplant (we promise we won’t kill this one).


However you spend your Sunday, end the day reflecting on the week that’s just passed, what you’re grateful for, what made you smile, and what you’ve accomplished. Now you’re ready to tackle Monday!

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