As the old saying goes ‘go hard or go home’ right? What about ‘no pain no gain?’ Wrong! Turns out there is such thing as working out too hard, and many of us might not even be aware that we’re doing it.

Next time you work out, keep an eye out for these tell-tale signs that you’re pushing your body too far!


Pain level

That wobbly, can’t walk up stairs feeling is totally normal when you’ve worked hard at the gym. That heavy, lactic acid feeling is also normal! However, as soon as any kind of sharp pain starts occurring it’s time to stop. You should never feel severe pain while exercising and it’s definitely a cause for concern.



While it’s totally normal for us to need a minute to catch our breath in between sets or after a hard HIIT session, as soon as it takes longer than a few minutes of struggling to breathe, it’s definitely a sign that you went to hard during that one.



While it’s always great to add in extra push ups or lift heavier weights, once your form starts suffering, it’s time to take a step back. You shouldn’t feel like you have to change your form or let it suffer just to do that extra rep.



After a good workout you should definitely feel some fatigue, however there’s definitely a thing as too much. If after your workouts you’re finding it hard to carry on with your day, or feel like you need a nap straight away, that might be a sign to slow it down next time.


Above all, remember that pushing yourself in a workout is necessary to achieve your goals, but achieving your goals will be way harder with an injury!

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