Clearly, we're major lovers of the athleisure phenomenon so it should come as no surprise to you that we're a little in love with Nimble Activewear. Not only do they keep us motivated us to work out during the winter with their amazing tights, but these #BABESWITHBALLS behind the brand are young, fashion forward, inspiring women as well. We took a little time to chat to Vera & Katia about what inspired to take a leap of faith into being boss babes.

HL: Describe your day in 5 words…

VERA: Unpredictable, energetic, laughter, organised chaos.

KATIA: Early riser, exercise, emails, sketching.


HL: Tell us a little bit about the faces behind Nimble Activewear; what do you love to do when you’re not working?

VERA: Being originally from Melbourne, there is still so much of Sydney that I haven’t seen – I love exploring different pockets of Sydney, being on the water and can’t go past a long lunch with friends!

KATIA: I’m a bit of a yoga junkie and love heading to a class at This is Yoga in Clovelly. I also love cooking up a big meal on a Sunday and catching up with friends over wine. Given that I both work and live in Bondi, I also can’t go past heading to the beach!


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HL: What were you doing before you started Nimble?

VERA: I have a corporate background and before Nimble Activewear I worked in investment banking and then as a lawyer.

KATIA: I have a fashion background and was living in London working for Burberry before we started Nimble Activewear – before that I was working at Puma.

We love that our skills are so complementary – we are constantly learning from each other and building on our own skills. Importantly, we share the same vision for Nimble Activewear which is very important in ensuring a harmonious office!


HL: Can you remember the moment when you decided to take the leap? What was your motivation?

VERA: We created the brand after noticing a gap in the market for sophisticated, technical activewear that sat within an accessible price point and this is something that we have not lost sight of as the brand has grown.

KATIA: There wasn’t really one defining moment – for us, the creation of the brand came from a whole series of decisions and defining moments. We have been really lucky to have each other’s support throughout the journey and can’t wait to see where we end up!


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HL: What is your favourite part of your day?

VERA: I love early mornings along the Bondi to Clovelly coastal track. It is a part of the day that I reserve to myself – a great time to think and also be grateful to live in such a beautiful part of the world.

KATIA: I’m a real morning person – I love getting into the office early for some quiet time and to catch up on emails and gather my thoughts before the team gets in. This also allows me to leave the office early so that I can end my day with a yoga class and a home-cooked dinner.


HL: What are your top tips for staying active in winter?

For both of us, it’s key to find workouts that we genuinely enjoy and to stick to a routine. Having a weekly exercise routine in the cooler weather really helps you to stick with it and get out of bed on those cold dark mornings.


HL: If you could see anyone shot in your activewear, who would it be?

We love seeing Nimble Activewear out there in the community – it is still such a buzz when customers tag us in their pictures and we see them wearing the collection throughout their day. It really is the biggest endorsement for our products and what we have created with the brand.



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