Staying on track with you’ve health goals can be tough when you’ve got a 9-5 job, a side passion project, friends, family and a hot date on Friday. That’s why we love finding quick and easy ways to stay healthy and our current saviour is Matcha!

Not only does this health hack mean you don’t have to wake up any earlier or spend a month’s salary, Matcha is packed with a mother-load of goodness. Keep on reading to find out the Matcha facts busy (but healthy) babes need to know!

Ain’t nobody got time to be sick

It’s important to maintain a healthy immune system not only during the colder months but all year round. Seriously, who has time to get sick with the fast paced lives we’re all living. Well, the antioxidants within Matcha have been found to help assist the production of T-cells. T-cells help reduce inflammation and fight off bacteria, making it a natural immune booster – score!

Eliminate nasties

Did you know we are surrounded by toxic chemicals and toxins every day? Around 80,000 according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Whether it’s pesticides on food to our tech devices or even in beauty products – chemicals are everywhere.  Thanks to the abundance of chlorophyll (which gives Matcha its green colour when it’s in powder form), Matcha aids the body in detoxification by helping to eliminate all of those nasty excess chemicals and toxins.

Kick your Metabolism’s ass

We’ve done our homework in finding you a snack which not only satisfies your hunger but boosts your metabolism at the same time. Often we are told that our metabolism is out of our control, something determined by genetics. But we have good news, while munching one of our Choc Matcha Balls you are boosting your metabolism and reducing the growth rate of fat cells thanks to epigallocatechin-3-gallate or simply EGCG (a compound found readily in Matcha). EGCG also stimulates hormones that make you feel full for longer and kick those 3pm sugar cravings.

Get your glow on  

 It’s no surprise winter can cause dry, dull skin but did you know stress from your daily life can also contribute to skin dullness, ageing and acne? The amazing EGCG compound which boosts metabolism also gives Match anti-bacterial and antibiotic properties that can help with acne symptoms.  Plus EGCG has the ability to rejuvenate skin cells making you look smooth and supple.  If that wasn’t enough, due to Matcha’s high vitamin K content also helps reduce reduce puffiness, skin inflammation, and dark under eye circles. Gorgeous, glowing skin is just a few bites (or sips) away.

No crash and burn

Always promising yourself you won’t get that second coffee but always do? Good news - Matcha contains a compound called L-theanine, which alters the effects of caffeine, promoting alertness and helping to avoid the crash in energy levels that can follow caffeine consumption. Say goodbye to your extra coffee and hello to extra money in your pocket.

Oh and if all that wasn’t enough, did we mention our Choc Matha Ball balls also taste amazing? You can thank us later babe – you’re welcome.

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