It’s so easy to let your pesky desk job affect your diet, and while we’d all love to think we’re capable of meal planning and prepping brekkie, lunch and dinner, we’re so aware that for busy babes it’s not always possible. So, we’ve gathered a few of our favourite hacks to make your workday a little more diet friendly, so that you can be your bestest, healthiest, #babewithballs! 


Slice it up baby!

While we all know that smaller plates make you feel like you’ve eaten more, you might not have tried this neat little trick! Research has found that when your meal is sliced up, most people eat up to 25% less of their meal. When you cut up your portion, it creates an illusion that you are consuming more food – and as we all know, more food = more full! Get slicing babes!

Top tip: don’t restrict your slicing to just meals, break up that protein ball into bits and watch it last longer and fill you up more!


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Good things, small packages.

We would NEVER suggest you attempt to tackle your workday without a good coffee, but what about switching up your usual? Switching from a regular latte to a piccolo will drop close to 50 cals per day, without sacrificing your beloved caffeine intake! In the end, all you want is the caffeine, so why do you need a whole cup of milk to go along with it?

Top tip: want that extra caffeine? Don’t go large, go small but strong!


Image: Health Lab

Portion control it up!

Snacking is an absolute essential part of any workday, but it’s important that you’re doing the RIGHT snacking! Eliminate the temptation to eat your way through half a block of chocolate or packet of crackers by sticking to neat little portion controlled snacks. You can’t give into temptation if it’s not there right!

Top tip: individually wrapped snacks such as protein balls (AHEM), or museli bars work a treat!

Remember babes, workdays can be enough of a drag, don't let them impact your health as well!

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