We hear A LOT about protein these days and brands are calling it out at us left, right and centre but do you actually know why you need it or what happens if you aren't getting enough?

For babes not getting enough protein in their diets, you may be experiencing the following tell-tale signs;

- A sluggish metabolism
- Trouble losing weight
- Trouble building lean muscle
- Low energy levels and fatigue
- Poor concentration
- Moodiness and mood swings
- Muscle, bone and joint pain
- Low immunity

As females, we battle with many of those symptoms on a daily basis which is why we harp on so much how great protein is women. We hope by now that age old myth that protein is for gym junkies is dead and buried!

So let's look at the benefits of protein in more detail.

1. Help manage weight by filling you up

Facts are, that protein makes you feel full and as a result, you're far less likely to overeat. Let's take a packet of Tim Tams for example, we bet you could get damn close to eating a full 200g packet and all that stops you is the sickly feeling from too much sugar. Substitute that for a Canister of our Protein Balls, and we bet you couldn't even get close to eating a full 5 balls because you would feel like you're bursting at the seems. When compared to both fats and carbohydrates, protein causes a much greater feeling of satiety.

2. Assists with fat burning

Please don't freak out when you see the next sentence, we're not going back on our promise that protein isn't just for body builders... BUT if you want to continue to burn fat, you need to increase your lean muscle mass. Body scans are becoming far more popular these days because more and more people are aware that your weight on the scales, isn't always reflective of forward progress with fat loss. By building lean muscle you're fuelling your metabolism and therefore your body can more efficiently burn fat.

3. Improves mood

Amino acids, the building blocks of protein, are what our body uses to balance our hormones naturally, control mood and act as a natural remedy for anxiety. Protein also assists our happy hormones like dopamine and serotonin. If you're lacking in these key amino acids, you may be experiencing weakness, moodiness and increased anxiety or signs of depression.

4. Stabilising your blood sugar levels

Protein rich foods require far less insulin than carbohydrates or fats to metabolise. By having a minimal effect on your blood glucose levels, a high-protein diet can help prevent spikes which is important for balancing energy levels and preventing moodiness and type 2 diabetes.

5. Promotes healthy brain function

As an army of boss babes, we know what a set back an afternoon of not being able to concentrate can do to our timeline for world domination. Protein is critical for cognitive function, so important for keeping your concentration, focus and energy levels on track.

6. Maintain Healthy Bones

Who has time for a broken bone these days? Studies show that high-protein diets are clearly linked to better bone health.

We could go on, but we thought since you're probably already convinced there wouldn't be much point!

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