Guest Interview by: Kate Thomas.
We have all heard this years buzz word “Gut” and ladies it’s not going anywhere! There is more and more evidence demonstrating it’s time we turned our thinking inside out.Today I caught up with Sarah Newland, Aussie nutritionist based in Bali living the island life. We talked all things Skin, Health and Beauty. This babe is living proof that with a great health routine age is simply just a number. Sarah’s glowing skin, clear eyes and radiant energy had me signed up to any practices she prescribes! I tried to pick a few of my fav’s to share with you babes
1. How does what you eat affect your overall skin complexion?
What you eat and your nutritional status affects your skin in several ways. Certain foods and food products are known to promote acne or trigger skin conditions. Dairy can be an example of this, and in some people so is alcohol. Having a diet high in antioxidants and other nutrients that support liver clearance can improve our bodies ability to eliminate toxins and reduce skin issues.
2. How do you achieve the A-list glowing skin?
A-list glowing skin can be achieved by nourishing your body with antioxidants, plenty of vitamin C, and collagen promoting bone broths. It’s important to also note that glowing skin depends on eliminating the bad stuff as well as including the good stuff though! Common skin offenders are cigarette smoke, environmental pollutants, excessive alcohol consumption, processed foods, dairy, and refined carbs/sugar. Good circulation and exercise also help. Knowing your unique triggers for skin complications is also key, which can be achieved by working through an elimination diet – best done under the guidance of a professional nutritionist.
3. As a nutritionist what 3 foods do you recommend for healthy skin?
Bone broths, blueberries, and foods high in vitamin C. You also need sufficient protein and plenty of water.
4.How much water do I need to be drinking? Is filtered water all its cracked up to be?
Water is an interesting area and I always learning more about different water available in different places. Some bottled water goes through a lot of processing and is said to be pretty poor quality. Other filtered water brands are said to be excellent. The recommended calculations are your weight in kg divided by 0.024, so if you are 60kg, you need around 2.5L p/day. Where you live, how much you sweat, and the water content of the food you eat also contributes
5. What foods should you avoid to prevent tired / dehydrated looking skin?
Refined carbs/sugars, processed foods, alcohol
6. Do you believe in supplements and are there any I should be taking?
The body loves to get all its necessary nutrients from food, first and foremost. But in our crazy modern world, modern farming techniques, changing environmental conditions, and mass production of food and fresh produce has resulted in a food supply far less nutrient dense than what it used to be. Additionally, the extreme stress we are all constantly under drives out nutrient requirements right up. So yes, supplements are pretty important!!! It is key to consider the quality of your supplements too. Probiotics are a great example of necessary supplementation- back in the day our food was full of beneficial microorganisms that contributed to a healthy microbiome, however nowadays our foods lack this, AND we punish our microbiomes with too much sugar, medications, alcohol and processed foods. So more than ever, probiotics are imperative!
7. Let’s talk health Myths? Do silk pillow’s work?
Hahaha… I haven’t actually used a silk pillow myself but it sounds awesome and I am not opposed! I would love to try that J …it can’t hurt, right!? I think anything that touches our face a lot, like a pillow cover, is going to have implications on your skin microbiome so it makes sense to use a nice one!
8. We have seen a transition from no fats, low sugar diets to consuming good fats and natural sugars can you please shed some light on what we should be fuelling our bodies with?
Our bodies are actually designed to utilise fats (stored and dietary) and proteins for energy, but our high sugar/carb diets have driven us into a blood sugar nightmare and high glucose dependence. I am a big fan of starting the day with fats and proteins (instead of carbs and sugar) as it sets your day up to have a metabolism which prefers fats and protein for energy as opposed to quick glucose spikes. This helps with energy levels and gastrointestinal function. Nuts are a good snack or meal component as they have healthy fats, vitamins, and protein, supporting a fat burning metabolism.
9. What is your favourite recipe for skin loving goodness?
My favourite foods for skin loving goodness would be winter warming bone broth soups, berries, raw nuts and nut oils, oily fish, probiotic foods and fermented vegetables (like sauerkraut). Everything starts in the gut, so a healthy microbiome will support glowing skin.
10. What is your favourite recipe for skin loving goodness?
Here is a a fav which supports vitamins A, C & E, Omega 3 essential fats, carotenoids and zinc:


(serves 4)

4 salmon fillets, skin on

1.5tbs ghee or butter

1 cup broccoli florets

1 cup of brussel sprouts, halved

1 medium sweet potato into 5mm slices

2 cups each of chopped spinach and kale

4 thyme sprigs

1 orange

2 tbsp apple cider vinegar

¼ cup olive oil, flaxseed oil or walnut oil ½ cup

¼ cup olive oil, flaxseed oil or walnut oil ½ cup

crushed walnuts, pumpkin & sesame seeds


1. Preheat oven 220C, line baking tray

2. Combine 2 tbsp oil, brussel sprouts, broccoli, sweet potato & thyme in large bowl season with salt and pepper, toss to combine. Arrange on tray, bake 20 mins.

3. Heat Ghee or butter in fry pan & cook salmon, medium heat, 2 mins each side.

4. Dressing: combine vinegar & remaining oil in bowel with salt and pepper, squeeze in ½ orange and grate orange zest from peel.

5. Divide kale and spinach on plates, then divide vegetables and place on top.

6. Top with salmon steak, sprinkle seed/nut mix sun-dried tomatoes over salmon, veggies and place wedges of remaining orange half on.

11. What’s your favourite affirmation?
My favourite affirmation is a Sophia Loren quote, ‘there is nothing more beautiful than a woman who believes she is.’ 

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