International Women's Day is a big day for our team of #BABESWITHBALLS and we started talking about 'Empowered Women' and what we really think it means. We came up with a lot of different answers so decided to ask a few of our favourite inspiring women to share with our babes, 

"What it means to be an Empowered Woman?"


Being an empowered woman means living your truest self, without any apology”

Samantha Wills
Founder Samantha Wills



Being an empowered woman means waking up with a sense of purpose, not feeling limited in my industry, having a voice and not being afraid to share my message.”

Jessica Sepel
Nutritionist, Author, Social Media Influencer



To me, being an empowered woman is about taking ownership of my happiness, and giving myself the opportunity to make choices that are truly mine, and not defined by others.

True empowerment means that as a woman, we can stop focusing on how we look (and how society expects us to look), and instead focus on what our amazing bodies and minds can actually do! Being healthy and happy makes me feel empowered, strong and confident.  That's my passion and when I use that as a compass, it ensures I'll stay on track and never be lost in life.

Tiffiny Hall
Founder of TIFFXO & Former Biggest Loser Trainer



“To me empowerment is all about having the right and opportunity to make choices. I think it is about self awareness. It’s about knowing who you are, owning your own destiny and having a right to make choices about how you live your life.”

Olivia Ruello 
CEO Business Chicks Australia



"An empowered woman knows her purpose, she takes on each day to pursue that purpose! She moves through life with passion and zest + is the truest most authentic self everyday. She has personal goals, aspirations and big dreams and nothing will stop her to achieve them!"

Tully Humphrey
Founder Tully Lou Activewear



“Being an empowered woman is knowing your worth and knowing how to get what you want” :)

Eli Censor
Founder Nutrition Bar & Co-Founder KX


What it means to be an empowered woman is living life on your terms and not being limited with societal expectations, stereotypes and limiting beliefs."

Jessica Thomas
Health Lab Founder

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