Guest feature by: Brooke Hutchinson

Health Lab Founder Jess Dishes out the Healthy Hacks all Babes Need to Know!

Taking the stage at Studio 10 today, our ballsy boss lady Jess provided her ‘Health Hacks for Busy Mums’. Who better devise such hacks than an ACTUAL mum who’s experienced first-hand the mayhem of trying to juggle her business, troublesome toddlers, staying healthy and all the other life whatnots so many babes struggle to get a handle on! Well, struggle no more thanks to Jess, who’s dished out the ESSENTIAL tips that’ll ensure every busy babe feels holistically happy!

First things first…..Think of Your Tummy!

No surprise that Jess- the founder of an honest snack company- loves food. Especially the breakfast variety! Who doesn't?! She knows how important starting the day with a nutritious meal is to ensure your productivity is at an optimum level!

She also knows that the mornings can be a BATTLE! Trying to micro-manage the rest of your household often leaves mum in a ratchet rut! Shockingly, 60% of women Aussie women swap a healthy brekkie for a cup of coffee…..?! WHAT?! We all love a quality cuppa, but it ain’t a sufficient replacement for a hearty morning meal. If you’re excuse is that you’ve ”barely got two spare minutes in the morning”, we have the PERFECT solution for you!

Jess masterfully devised an oh-so glorious brekkie hack that not only the grown-ups will love, but will satisfy even the pickiest of kiddies; super yummy coconut banana pancakes! And yes, they’re as totally delish as they looked on Studio 10!   

For the recipe, check out our post ‘2 minute Banana Pancakes’. 

DIY Beauty hacks

As seen on Studio 10, Jess gave us an amazing helpful, super easy recipe for a face mask every busy babe needs in their lives. Consisting of ONLY 3 ingredients, its a wonder you haven’t already made this mask!

You might be a little suspicious as to how effective mashing banana, egg yolk and avocado is before smearing it over your face. No, we are not attempting to make you look like the green monster for you family to laugh at (despite how hi-LARIOUS Jess Rowe made it seem!). This mask is full of wonderfully nourishing ingredients that will give you a natural glow!

For instructions on how to make it yourself & learn more about the super skin saving ingredients , check out our post ‘Avo-Nana Face Mask’.

Don’t Fall in a Heap: Get Your Sleep!

You’ve had your breakfast. You’ve cleansed your skin. And after all of that, you’ve gotta sleep the night away! With all the amazing things Jess gets to do, like her feature on the Studio 10 program, she knows the necessity of getting quality z’s to ensure her productivity levels, stress management, memory, moods, relationships…. Are ALL kept in check!

Jess, a mum of a tiny tot, knows how difficult getting a solid 8 hours every night is, ESPECIALLY before going on live TV! She also knows brain function drops to an all time low without it. As a business owner, mum and partner, Jess can’t afford to let a lack of sleep put her off her A-game.

If you want to feel fresh and fab like Jess looked on Stduio 10, head to our blog and look for ‘Rewards to Reap from a Good Night’s Sleep!

A Final Thanks!

We can’t reiterate enough how delightful it was seeing our gorgeous Jess on Studio 10! Cooking up a storm whilst demonstrating her commitment to helping all busy babes live their best, healthiest, happiest lives!

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