Sick of hangovers ruining your weekend? Well you've come to the right place babe because we know how to avoid and minimise the aftermath of succumbing to a few too many wines so that you feel great to make the most out of your days off.

Villain #1: Alcohol

Hero: Activated Charcoal Pills & Electrolytes 

Obviously, the main culprit of your hangover is the alcohol you consumed. Lucky for you, hangovers can be a thing of the past with proper preparation.

Prep: pop a couple of Activated Charcoal Pills. This is a preventative measure so make sure you take these before you start drinking not when you're still rolling around in your bed at 2pm the next day moaning. These genius little pills will stop the toxins from absorbing into your blood stream so they can be safely carried out the next day.

After: Liquids are your best friend (the good kind not Coke for breakfast, Solo for lunch and Fanta with dinner. Pop some electrolyte tablets in your water in the morning and drink plenty of fluids like coconut water, or water. 

Villain #2: Fried food

Hero Protein

It's difficult to stay away from the party food and let's be honest there is always plenty of tantalising fried deliciousness on the menu. But this is also one of the reasons you'll be feeling sluggish and hungover the next day. So how do you fix it if you ate one too many croquettes? Protein. Lean proteins are an excellent way to get your digestive system back on track. So include a fresh and fruity protein smoothie in your breakfast and fire up the BBQ for dinner instead of calling on more fried, starchy items to fix what they started. 

Villiain #3: Sugar

Hero: probiotic rich foods

Unless you didn't once stray from your vodka sodas it's pretty safe to say you consumed a lot of sugar on a night out drinking. Add to that to your inability to refuse the dessert canapés and well... let's not talk about it. What you need to do to fight your sugar hangover is load up on the probiotic rich foods. This means eating Kimchi out of the jar instead of ice-cream and switching out that Coke for some Kombucha. 

Villain #4: Dairy

Hero: Greens

Cheese, cheese, cheese, more cheese please. It was probably in pretty much every course including the 2am cheeseburger on the way home. Even if you're not lactose intolerant, most of our digestive systems struggle with processing large amounts of dairy so we recommend upping the greens in each of your meals. Eat the right greens and you'll be assisting your body with the all important detoxification process. Before you say "BORING I'm not eating steamed greens when I'm hungover, you are kidding yourself Health Lab, I thought you were a brand of the people!?!?!" ... Just order a side of delicious Chinese broccoli with your dumplings and thank us later. 

Villain #5: Lack of Sleep

Hero: YOU!

Calm down workaholics, it's time to stop feeling guilty for having a little break. Sure, holiday season is great with all the extra social events, but not only are we sleep deprived from too much partying, there is also still heaps of (likely more) work to be done. The only remedy to this is sleep and self-care! Look after yourself, make sure you have some time over the break to switch off from work. If you don't already take them we recommend grabbing some Magnesium supplements to take before bed to help you relax and get a quality night's sleep.


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