Choosing the right balls can be difficult, there are always a few decent looking options competing for your attention and they all seem to be able to talk the talk. But how do you know which ones are genuinely good for you, and which ones are just full of BS? We’ve put together the only checklist you need to find the perfect balls for you...

1. Know what you want.

Arguably, the most important point to consider when making the right decision. Do you want balls that make you feel good and satisfy your every craving and desire without that feeling of guilt that washes over you when you know you’ve made the wrong decision? Don’t we all!

To feel like this you will need balls that are all natural, with no added sugars and packed with protein. Don’t be fooled, by clever words or pretty packaging, look at the ingredients list. If there are words in there you don’t understand or ingredients you couldn’t find in your local health food store like emulsifiers, stabilisers, preservatives, gums, syrups etc, then these are not the balls for you and should come with a BIG BS WARNING!

2. Do you trust them?

Unfortunately there are lot of balls bouncing out there that just want to lead you on babe and all we can say is, do your research! Just because it says words like ‘natural’ or 'nature' on the packaging doesn’t mean it isn’t full of BS, so ALWAYS double-check the ingredients list.

3. Picture your future together.

When you picture your future with the balls your lusting after, how do you see yourself? Are you happy, fit and full of energy with the lean and toned body you desire? Or is your relationship similar to a crazy sugar roller-coaster with the really high highs and really low lows. Use your head babe, you know which one is best.

4. What about the family?

When committing to your favourite balls, it’s always better if a great family surrounds them. For example, if you fall in love with Health Lab Chocolate Protein Balls, you’ll know you always have the support of 5 more delicious flavours

5. Relationship history.

Unlike men, when shopping for balls, reviews are a great way to find out all the saucy details of their past relationships. If you want to know what our lovers think of us, have a read of the reviews on each product page; these balls don’t cover up for anyone!

6. How to know if they’re the one.

When you’ve considered all of the above it’s important not to forget perhaps the most important thing; MAGIC. We're all looking for that for incredible connection so when those balls hit the tip of your tongue, how do they taste? Do you want to do it again? Over and over? That’s how you know babe.

Get your hands on BALLS WITH NO BS and stop feeling guilty about snacking, ain’t no babe got time for that kind of negativity in her life. SHOP HERE.

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