Alright babes, time to stop the pity party. If you want your dream job, you can have it and we're going help nudge you on the path to happiness, fulfilment and financial freedom that will come from finding it.

If you're sitting at your desk reading through blogs (we see you!) and dreading starting your next task or making that late afternoon conference call, it's time to ask yourself, why am I here? If the answer is "because I got bills to pay" you're sitting in the wrong spot.

Not that we like being the bearer of bad news, but (unless you win the lottery) you will spend most of your life at work.  This means if your watching the clock everyday and counting down for the weekend, you're going to be wishing most of your precious life away!!

So ask yourself, are you ready to find purpose, happiness and challenge in everyday? If the answer is yes, continue reading. If the answer is no, at least you're 60 seconds closer to home time...

Why You Need Your Dream Job (other than the obvious)

Find your why

Work for the why not the what. What were you born to do? What kind of job is going to inspire you to get up in the morning and feel great? When you believe in why you're doing what you're doing, you will feel fulfilled, lighter and enjoy life a whole lot more.

Earn more money

Maybe not at first and maybe that's what's stopping you from making the move, but the best way to be raking in the $$ and achieve financial freedom is to be great at what you're doing and give it your all everyday.

If you're not that into your job, chances are "your all" isn't as good as your co-worker who just loves this shit! If the standard of your work isn't the absolute best you can do, it's not going to put you at the top of the chain. A wise person once said "pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work" and we couldn't agree more.

So Let's Start

1. Create a goal/vision board

A lot people think "vision board" is just creative speak for "time wasting", but we actually can't stress enough how amazing these are for motivation. Create one in your room, by your desk, in your home office, on your fridge, wherever you will be reminded everyday why you're on this path. 

2. Ask yourself;

What would this job mean to me?

What are the consequences if I don't make this happen?

Why am I going to make this happen?

Write it down, put some of those answers on your board, read them out loud and make sure you can answer them with conviction and purpose.

3. Apply for jobs that aren't listed

If you've had a dream job in mind for the past 5 years, chances are you aren't going to log on to seek right now and find it sitting right there. Linkedin is a dream chasers best friend. Make connections, start conversations, invite people out to coffee and you will be surprised at how quickly you start to forge your own path. 

4. Never stop learning

So you got your high school certificate/uni degree/diploma, a job and now you're set right? Wrong. You can never have too much knowledge and employers love to see candidates that are keen to keep learning. Start searching for online courses that could add value to your skill set, learn a language, go to seminars, listen to TED talks, the learning opportunities are endless! You might not be able to put a TED talk on your CV but if you listen to enough, the knowledge you've picked up will make you a much more interesting person to interview than someone who can only discuss current events from The Bachelor...

Note: if you can find time for The Bachelor and learning, we highly recommend this option.

5. Create a CV and cover letter that stands out

If you're applying for your dream job at your dream company, chances are there are lots of other hopefuls doing the same thing. Your cover letter is THE most important part of your application and possibly your only chance to grab the attention of a likely, very busy babe! So make it different, design it yourself or have someone with design skills do it for you. And whatever you do, don't write one generic letter and send it off to 50 different places. Any recruiter worth their salt will be able to tell in a second. Employers aren't looking for someone who is happy with any job, they're looking for someone who wants to work for them.

6. Don't be focused on money

If you love it, you'll work hard at it and you'll be good at it. Money will find you, just focus on your why.


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