You may sometimes question our advice (like when we tell you to give out your email not your phone number to interested men) but this is possibly the most important piece of advice we will ever share. A new year means nothing if you stay within your comfort zone. Now do you want a whole year full of nothing or do you want to prepare yourself for your best year ever!? We thought so, read on babe.


1. Start a goals diary

Let's be honest, in most cases resolutions come as fast as they go. Get a goals diary and take some time out (with a glass of wine maybe) and map out your career, personal and fitness goals for 2017. Doing this and chatting about them with friends will help you to increase your motivation and accountability. 



2. Find your WHY?

Why do you want to achieve these goals? It seems like a silly question but it is super important for your motivation to know exactly why you're doing what you're doing. A man who can explain this a lot better than us is Simon Sinek, watch this video for some serious inspo.


3. Plan

Once you know why, you need to know how. How many times have you dreamed about achieving something but never actually taken the steps to doing it. This is the main thing that separates entrepreneurs from the herd. 


4. Clean Out

Your wardrobe, your inbox, your fridge, your friends... Well that sounded slightly harsh but what we mean is actively being with like-minded people committed to achieving the same kind of goals as you will help drive you. Get rid of all the clutter and anything (or one) holding you back. 


5. Take a break

When you've been working hard all year everyone deserves a little break to refresh their mind and refocus on their purpose. Don't feel guilty for sipping on Frosé by the pool in your new swimsuit, you earned it! 


6. Exercise self love

Following on from point 5, showing yourself some TLC and putting aside 'me time' and 'family/friends time' each day is what will stop you from burning out. It's all well and good to set some goals and go after them with fire in your belly but if you don't schedule anytime for the other things in life that make you happy you may just give up as quickly as you started.


7. Try a new type of workout

There are sooooo many amazing new studios and workouts popping up in our health and fitness industry so try them out! Don't get stuck in a routine if it's boring you and you're dreading going to the gym. Pretty much everywhere offers free trials these days so use them!

8. Buy a new healthy cookbook

Add some variety to your stale dinner roster. If you're having some variation of chicken salad or veggies and steak every night, a little excitement might stop you from ordering in and eating out so much. 

9. Put past failures or set backs behind you and move forward. 

Fact: We all fail at stuff. Also fact: We can also benefit from them. Don't let a failure stop you from moving forward if it's coming from a place of fear. If it stops you from doing something because it's coming from experience well that's called learning and that's awesome. The people who fail are the people who try something new, sure if you sit within your comfort zone you won't fail but you also won't achieve and move forward.


10. Don't expect perfection

Expect perfection and you will always fail. Don't be your own worst enemy. If the only person holding you back from achieving your goals is yourself, well then you ain't going nowhere in 2017. 

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