Recently, the internet has been abuzz with the news that studies are now showing that Instagram is the worst app for your mental health. Social media applications such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter have all been linked to negative impacts on your mental health. 


While many of us might have had this sneaking suspicion, it’s never stopped us all continuing to use them and we doubt even this new study will. So, instead of telling you babes to completely abandon your beloved social media apps, we’ve gathered up a few of the major issues associated with Instagram and found some simple solutions for you!


Problem: I can’t go and I’m getting FOMO!

If there’s a seriously FOMO-inducing coming up that you’re not attending due to work/study/not being invited, sometimes it’s best to go by the old saying ‘what you don’t know can’t hurt you’. Don’t check friends Insta-stories that you know will be in attendance, delete your Snapchat app for the night to avoid temptation, or try one of our other digital detox techniques!


Problem: this model looks so much better than me!

Of course we all love/hate following bikini models and watching them travel the world looking toned and gorgeous, but if it’s making you feel bad about your own body/travel habits, it might be time for a little cull. Go through your ‘following’ list and eliminate anyone that doesn’t bring something positive to your feed. If all you do when you look at that bikini model is judge yourself, it might be time to give her an unfollow.


Problem: what if no one likes my post?

In the world of Insta-inflencers, it can be easy to succumb to the pressure of posting regularly/only posting the utmost aesthetic things/not posting that cute photo of your puppy because it’s not in a flatlay. There’s no quick fix for this, but every time you consider what your followers will think about this post, take a minute to think – does this photo make me smile? – if the answer is quite simply f**k it, post it!


Above all, remember to NEVER COMPARE YOUR BTS WITH SOMEONE ELSES HIGHLIGHT REEL! Repeat it, remember it, live by it.

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