By now, you all know that waking up earlier has heaps upon heaps of benefits, including better sleep patterns and improved productivity. While getting up earlier has it’s own challenges (find out how to be a morning person HERE) , what to do once you’re actually up is another question!

Instead of just scrolling the feed for an extra half an hour, we’ve put together a list of habits of successful people to adopt in your morning routine!


Exercise – we know you know this one! Lots of you are already prone to working out in the mornings and good on you! But even if you’re a night owl when it comes to exercise, it’s still good to get the blood flowing in the morning. Even just 20 minutes of stretching or a mini floor routine will help you think clearer, be healthier and better at combatting stress throughout the day!


Mindfulness – rising earlier means you’ve got plenty more time to be alone with your thoughts. Take a quiet moment and check out our mini mindfulness routine here, otherwise there’s a bevy of apps just waiting to help you clear your mind and get you ready for the day.


Set your goals – time is precious, so being organised in the mornings is a top priority! Set a list of goals you’d like to achieve by the end of the day, and then think about how you’ll achieve them while you drink your morning lemon water.


Family or partner time – by setting your alarm earlier, you’ll have more time before work to dedicate to your boyfriend/girlfriend/kids/dog, or anyone who makes you happy and relaxed. Watch your relationships benefit, and let yourself feel happier and more relaxed throughout the day.


Ps: science also says that your willpower is strongest in the morning, so if you’ve got something you’re not looking forward to doing the best time to tackle them is in the am!

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