Mother’s Day is all about celebrating being a mum right? Well, we think it’s also the perfect excuse for a babe to take a break from being a MUUUUUUM (said in our best whiney mini babe voice). Here at Health Lab, we babes strongly believe that Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse to spoil yourself (like we need another one), and take a step back from your everyday mum duties.


That’s why we’ve got together with the major babes at Art Series Hotels and JAGGAD to put together the ULTIMATE MUM PRIZE PACK! By entering here, you’ll go in the running to win an amazing prize pack valued at $1200+.


As well as the best prize ever, we’ve also put together our favourite ways of taking a break from being a mum, even if it’s just for a little while:


Sleep in: Even if your body clock just won’t sleep past 7am anymore, take your time in the morning! Make yourself a cup of coffee/tea/mimosa and jump straight back in bed, even if it’s just to check your emails.


Step away from the chores: Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse to take the day off from some of your least favourite household duties. Make sure someone else is covering the tasks (what else are hubby’s for?) so you don’t get a build up the next day!


Take a loooooong bath: Even if you’re not normally a bath person, there’s nothing that pampers you more than soaking in a hot tub with scented candles, bubble bath, and whatever else tickles your fancy! Don’t forget the do not disturb sign!


More mothers, more fun: make Mother’s Day an excuse to have brunch/lunch/drinks with your best girlfriends! Whether they’re also mothers or not, it’s a great day to appreciate the amazing babes around you. No boys allowed!


Wine, wine, WINE: treat yourself to an extra glass of your favourite drop, splash out on a cocktail you LOVE but would never normally order, or even just have that second G&T. Make sure to cheers to you!


Last but not least babes, these tips are not exclusive to Mother’s Day! Taking time for yourself is always important because remember, you’re worth it babe!

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