Just like Santa, we've compiled a naughty and nice list that covers foods, drinks and attitudes common to the Christmas season, that aims to help you stay on top of your game these holidays. So, are you being naughty or nice this Christmas?  At HealthLab we're all about balance...so maybe we'll be a bit of both?

Cocktails – naughty
They taste oh so good but they're oh so bad for our bodies and our bellies! Of course, moderation is the key when it comes to maintaining any kind of balanced lifestyle.  But if you're trying to be good over the holidays, cutting down or abandoning cocktails may be a great first step. Unfortunately, it is generally with sweet and yummy alcoholic drinks, such as cocktails and mixers, that we lose track on how much sugar we consume! They taste so nice, but they're oh so naughty!

Gin and soda water – nice
We're not asking you to cut out alcohol altogether this Christmas - where's the fun in that? But knowing which alcoholic beverages are 'healthier', or in this case, 'nicer', than others is definitely a step in the right direction when it comes to considering your health over the holidays.  Choosing red wine, champagne or spirits with soda water over cocktails, soft-drink mixers and beer is a much cleaner way of enjoying alcohol this Christmas.

Beating yourself up – naughty
Sometimes, regardless of the time of year, we can be hard on ourselves when we don't reach a goal, or we feel like we've let ourselves or someone else down.  Maybe the year is coming to a close and you've realised none of your goals for 2017 have been met, or maybe you feel like you could have pushed yourself harder. Well babe, while we're all for pushing the limits here at HealthLab, we do not endorse self-hate, or self-deprecating talk. You're perfectly imperfect and have the power to achieve anything you put your mind to. So turn that frown upside-down missy, and be the boss babe we know you are!

Constructive reflection – nice
Instead of being hard on yourself for an opportunity missed, or a goal unachieved, be constructive in your criticisms of yourself. Acknowledge your weaknesses and work on improving them. At the end of the day, we are only human and are bound to make mistakes once in a while.  Instead of clinging to perceived failings, it's time to own our imperfections and move on from our 'mistakes' as a wiser, stronger and braver boss babe than ever before. 

Resolutions – naughty
Making New Years resolutions has become a worldwide phenomenon.  Common resolutions look something like this:
Lose weight
Quit smoking
Book a holiday
Get a promotion
Do any of those look familiar? 
While they are all great improvements and aspirations to hope for throughout the year, we can get so focused on the end goal that we lose sight of the smaller steps it takes to achieve it. The majority of New Years resolutions end in failure, or are abandoned before February starts, leaving us feeling defeated.

Goals – nice
Instead of setting ourselves huge and unattainable resolutions for the new year, planning out smaller, achievable goals is a much more realistic approach to making improvements to health, wellbeing and life. Starting small and building on our goals is much more likely to end in success. 

Choccies and sweeties - naughty

We’re not here to tell you to avoid chocolates, lollies and sugary treats altogether this Christmas. We believe in moderation when it comes to our diets and our lifestyles. But, cutting down on our consumption of these sweet treats is a great step towards achieving a healthier Christmas. Why must naughty snacks taste so nice?!

Our limited-edition Christmas balls - nice

Lucky for you, we have a delicious alternative to chocolates and sweets this Christmas – and we think they taste just as good! Our limited-edition Christmas balls are filled with nourishing plant-based ingredients and have a mouth-watering salted caramel flavour. They’re a perfect snack to help you eliminate the guilt and not the fun out of this Christmas, and definitely feature on the nice list! Nice has never tasted so naughty!

Guest Blog by Abigail Jones.

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