Being a mum means putting your kids before your own needs a lot of the time, but one thing that should never be compromised is your health! Here are our top tips for all you busy mums to stay healthy:


#1: Include the family

A fun way to make sure you’re getting in your daily exercise while also looking after the little ones is to include them! Turn playtime into exercise with easy activities like family bike rides around the neighbourhood, or big powerwalks (even better with the added exercise of pushing a pram!). Not only are you getting a great low impact workout, you also get time to bond with your kids!


#2 Pre-plan your meals

Even if meal PREP seems daunting and not your cup of tea, meal PLANNING can be an absolute lifesaver for your healthy eating habits when you’re flat out during the week. Spend one hour a week planning out family breakfast lunches and dinners, so when it comes to a busy weeknight there’s no room for temptation towards takeout.


#3 Get some sleep woman!

Just ask a new mum what happens when she doesn’t get enough sleep… Hello hormones, affected decision making and impulse eating! Even though it may seem impossible, getting close to your 8 hours of sleep is vital for ESPECIALLY the busiest of mums. Whether it’s a joint naptime, or asking your partner to help out with a sleep in every second day, sneak in those extra Z’s whenever you can.


#4 Water and protein, the magic combo

Don’t worry mamas, this one’s easy! Make it a habit to always leave the house armed with a big water bottle and a protein packed snack! Having a water bottle on you will make sure you’re hitting your daily hydration quota, while the healthy snacks will keep your blood sugar levels managed, and make sure your ‘hanger’ is managed so you don’t go OTT with your next meal*.


#5 Drop the ‘mum guilt’

While taking time for yourself as a mum can feel like you’re taking time away from your kids, it’s vital to remember that you have to look after yourself for the sake of your kids! A happy, healthy mum creates positive energy that affects your entire family, plus you’re setting a great example for your little ones.


*PS. I hear protein balls are a perfect on-the-go snack…

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