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Our Top 5: Achieving & Maintaining a Natural GLOW

by Kate Thomas |

Guest feature by Brooke Hutchinson

Shine Bright like a Diamond with these Skin Care Hacks

We all want healthy, youthful, lustrous skin. But are we doing the best things to look after it? No matter how much money you spend on products professing to be ‘miracle’ serums, if you aren’t holistically taking care of your skin, you’ll only reap a few of the amazing rewards. It’s important to not only focus on what you do to your skin externally, but what you put inside your body too! After all, flawless skin starts from within!

Not everyone wants to become a qualified dermatologist to know how to properly care of their skin. These handy tips will help you on your mission to achieving a beautiful, natural glow from the inside out!!

From the Inside..

Eat Your Oils: Just to clarify, we’re not saying that you should swap water for a big old bottle of olive oil. That’d be pretty gross. There are far more conventional ways of upping your oil intake to reduce wrinkles, improve your skin’s complexion whilst eating a super tasty meal!

Have a can of tuna for lunch a few times a week! Heck, add a bit of avo to get a mega dose of omega-3 fatty acids! If you’re not a fan of tuna, you can swap it for any type of oily fish!

Need inspiration? Check out our recipe post ‘Skin boosting Salmon with Zesty Quiona & Greens’ for a meal containing an abundance of nourishing ingredients! 

This is NUT a Joke!

A healthy, tasty snack that’ll give you a gloriously luminous complexion?!? Oh, that’s just nuts!... we’re not kidding!

Nuts are about as natural as a snack can get (although, our protein balls aren't far behind). Each variety provides an array of marvellous benefits!

  • Walnuts: full of omega-3 fatty acids, reduce inflammation and the severity of breakouts
  • Brazil Nuts: providing an all-natural dose of selenium, these nuts help improve skin elasticity
  • Macadamias: the ultimate glow-getting nut! Full of pore-perfecting oils, macadamias hydrate, reduce dryness, decrease prevalence of wrinkles plus contain palmitoleic acid (a.k.a. helping fight the signs of ageing)

Chuck a mixed handful of them in a container for a snack on-the-go that’ll bring out your inner glow!

From the Outside...


Just like mumma’s always preached, we’re gonna sing the benefits on sun protection from the hills! And for good reason; wearing sunscreen is one of the easiest ways to keep your skin looking younger even as you get older. It’s easier to prevent UV exposure than trying to repair your skin once the damage is done. Whether it’s summer or winter, UV- particularly in Australia- is forever present, even when it’s cloudy.

We suggest buying products that contain a minimum of SPF 30+. Slather on a liberal amount of sunscreen before applying your makeup to maximise coverage! There are loads of products out there so make sure you suss out the ones that are mostly natural and don’t contain a list of horrible chemicals!


Don’t you dare think that going to bed with makeup is OK. It’s TOTALLY not! Imagine how blocked up your pores will be after being suffocated by a thick paste for not only a whole day but the whole night too?!?! If you ever wonder why you’ve had an angry infestation of pimples erupt on your face, this is most likely why.  

There are no excuses why you’d leave your makeup on overnight, especially with all of the products available. Not keen on spending more money on skincare? No problemo! Use a bit of olive oil (it doesn’t even have to be the premium kind) on a cotton pad and watch the brownish grime slide straight off your face!

Wanna look great? EXFOLIATE!

Are your pores looking…. poor? A brilliant pun but also a legitimate complaint amongst women who feel like their tiny face holes better resemble giant dirt-collecting pits. They might be super tiny, but they collect a whole tonne of bad oils, dirt and dead skin cells- none of which are going to go away by themselves.

How best to clear out all the yucky stuff? Exfoliate! This will help shrink your pores, get rid of any horrid pollutants and have your skin looking extra fresh. Don’t exfoliate every day or else your pores will never have time to tighten. Plus, you’ll be stripping away too many of the natural oils your skin produces. Once or twice a week is all you need!

It’s also important to cleanse after you exfoliate. Use a gentle cleanser that will ensure all the bad stuff is completely removed to prevent any nasties making their way straight back into your pores.

It’s THAT Easy!

SEE! It’s so simple to have beautiful, glowing skin! No need to spend all your cash on fancy products promoting empty promises.

We’re all about honesty here at Health Lab. That’s why it’s important we not only make guilt-free, delicious snacks but also give you the inside scoop on the skin-saving tips every busy babe needs to know!  

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