Whoever thinks party season starts in summer just isn't trying hard enough. Spring time has like a zillion weddings, hens parties, racing carnivals and parties purely for the fact that winter is soooo over, that if you really wanted you could spend the whole season in a cocktail dress.

As fun as the spring party season is, if you don't do it right you'll be a few pounds heavier for bikini weather and have a few too many awkward/embarrassing/curl-up-in-a-ball/die-in-a-hole tales to tell. For this reason, we have compiled a party pro list of DO's & DON'Ts to guide through the festivities.

DO: Have A Hydration Strategy

No, this isn't a drink plan to start on champagne, then move to rosé, then to vodka, and add in an espresso martini for energy and good measure. We're talking about H20, because all that other stuff (although in liquid form) will actually dehydrate you. Every drink or two make and effort to have a glass of water and you'll feel 10 times better not just by the end of the day/night but when you wake up the next day as well.

DON'T: Cut Back On Exercise

It's very easy to lose control of your exercise regime when you're busy being a social butterfly, but if you want to feel great and radiate confidence when you're at these events, it's best to find the time to still fit in your 3-4 sessions per week.

DO: Eat Peanut Butter

Did you know peanut butter is a hangover cure? As if we needed more reason to love it right!? We know this should probably be a subheading to "DON'T: Drink Too Much"... but you know, lets be real.

Unfortunately we don't sell our Recover (Get it now? The name ain't just about muscles babes ;) Peanut Butter Protein Balls by the truck load, but you can buy a few canisters to get you through party season.

DON'T: Kiss/Hug/Stroke People You Don't Know

Whether you hate parties or are a total pro, introductions can sometimes be awkward. As a general rule, no physical contact is much more likely to avoid awkwardness so when in doubt flash a smile and your best generic "so lovely to meet you".

DO: Have A High Protein Snack Before You Go

Manage your appetite and the number of canapés you indulge in by having a high protein snack before the event. Spring time is perfect for whizzing up a fresh protein smoothie in your blender to keep you satisfied and energised. Our three protein blends will become your party season saviour. Pro tip; add a collagen supplement to your protein smoothies to make your skin glow extra bright. 

DON'T: Give Out Your Number To Every Fine Lookin' Man Who Asks

No this isn't for the taken babes it's for you single ladies! You're going to be meeting a lot of eligible bachelors over the party season so you don't want to make it easy for them. Weed out the week by throwing them a curve ball and give them your email instead. (side note: we have no evidence this is a successful method of seduction)

DO: Rest Up

Science shows that women who lack sleep feel less full after eating, causing you to be a bottomless pit around the pulled pork sliders... Apparently there is more to the term "beauty sleep" than just less dark circles. 

DON'T: Look Like A Stalker

Did you find out that you're bestie's, boyfriend's, hot friend who you've never met before but constantly stalk on social media spent July in Europe? Don't ask him about it.

DO: Say No (sometimes)

"No I don't want another mini fudge brownie"

"No I don't need my champagne topped up...yet

"No I don't need to see 150 pictures of your cat"

DON'T: Restrict Food Too Much

We're here to tell you there is such a thing as having too much self-control. Some babes are so mindful of not indulging on too many canapés that they end up falling over on the dance floor and flashing the groom's mother because they forgot to balance their alcohol intake with food. If you're anti-party food make sure you eat a decent meal before the event and look out for some healthy/ish options doing the rounds.

DO: Strategically Position Yourself

Don't be a rookie babe, scout the room when you walk in. Where is the bar situated? Where is the door to the kitchen? Where is the hottest group of babes? All of these are very important questions so sort them out early and position yourself accordingly. 

DON'T: Ask Someone To Repeat Their Name More Than Once

If you missed it the second time, either you're too drunk or their name actually is Apple and they're sick of people not fucking believing them. (side note: use our trick and just call everyone babe)

DO: Remember That 99% Of The Time Shots Are a Bad Idea

Proceed at your own risk.

DON'T: Make Small Talk Deep

Small talk is called small talk for a reason. Don't ask that guy you just met how his relationship with his wife is going since news of his affair came out.

DO: Always Make Sure There Is Someone Drunker Than You

This is important for avoiding harsh hangover regrets. Never be the drunkest, non-negotiable. (Unless it's your wedding, free pass. You paid a shit load for this booze and you can drink as much as you want. 

DO: Assess The Dance Floor Crowd

Is it full of your best friends elderly relatives doing the two-step? DON'T: drop it's hot.

Is it full of equally intoxicated race goers? DO: drop it however you damn well like. (side note: see above)


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