Remember being a little kid and your parents would play audio books every time you jumped in the car? It was the best way to pass time on long road trips, and guaranteed to get the kids to stop fighting in the back seat. Podcasting is like audio books for adults.

They're perfect for your commute to and from work (especially if this involves walking and public transport), taking your mind off how tired you're feeling while you're working out, keeping you entertained while cleaning the house or a perfect addition 'me time' with a late night bath, a glass of vino and your favourite scented candles.

Us babes at Health Lab are self-proclaimed podcast experts. So we thought we’d save you the trouble of sorting through the millions out there, and start you off with our top six.


  1. Serial

Produced Sarah Koenig, This American Life

True crime lovers, step right up! If you loved the Netflix series Making a Murderer, this is a great podcast to start with. Adnan Syed was accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend in 1999 and charged with a life sentence under shady circumstances. Producer Sarah Koenig interviews Adnan and others connected to the case for weeks on end, uncovering unexpected twists each episode. You babe, will be an amateur detective in no time.


  1. Freakonomics Radio

by Stephen J. Dubner, WNYC Studios

A follow on from the book Freakonomics and hosted by it’s co-author, Freakonomics Radio delves into the hidden side of everything. Dubner interviews some very noteworthy people including best-selling authors, Nobel prize-winners and entrepreneurs to get the truth behind the inner-workings of the world. It was recently Self-Improvement Month on Freakonomics Radio, which featured episodes such as How to be More Productive? Tune in for a 40-minute answer to this million-dollar question.


  1. S-Town

By This American Life

Very peculiar and very addictive. The host, Brian Reed, follows a story lead to Alabama where he meets John, but the story unfolds much differently than expected. There’s not too much we can say without giving away clues. All we’ll let on is that it’s sad, funny, disturbing, and deeply fascinating.


  1. This American Life

By This American Life

You might have guessed that we love content produced by This American Life. It’s the pinnacle of production (if you are into producing media or audio in particular, American Life will do it for you!) PLUS they have such a huge listenership that they are sent hundreds of story leads every week. What does that mean? A collection of the most interesting stories, delivered to your ears, every week.


  1. She Means Business

By Carrie Green

This one is for all you #girlbosses out there. We first heard from Carrie Green in her TED Talk, Programming your Mind for Success, and in her super sweet UK accent, these podcasts guide you through practical steps to grow your business, visualisations and goal setting for success.


  1. Magic Lessons

By Elizabeth Gilbert

Yes we loved her TED Talk, yes we loved her books, and now we love her podcast. Interviewing creative amateurs and experts in a bid to figure out how to grasp your elusive inner artist, this is a must for those of you who need an extra dose of inspiration to get started on your next creative project.


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