Here at Health Lab, we’re all about women helping out women. So we asked around the office and discovered the most annoying issues that you babes want the solutions to! Pick your problem and we've got the answer!

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Problem: I need to lose weight!

Solution: PROTEIN! Although all babes know that the number one key to losing weight is eating fewer calories than you burn, protein can be your best friend on your weight loss journey! Research has shown that adding protein to your diet can boost your metabolism, while also fuelling fat burning at the same time (and reducing hunger, but we’ll get to that later).

QUICK FIX: Craving Kicker Choc Protein Smoothie! These are a guilt-free way to get some extra protein into your diet, so you can reap those fat-burning benefits!


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Problem: I’m too scared to start my side hustle!

Solution: BALLS! What are you waiting for babe, just do it! We’re not saying quit your day job or anything (yet), but it’s time to start devoting energy to your passions. Put an hour or two every couple of days aside, and get planning!

QUICK FIX: Energise Choc Protein Balls! Starting a side hustle requires energy! These babies will give you the perfect energy boost to tackle any project.


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Problem: I’m always hungry!

Solution: PROTEIN! Studies show that protein is by far the most filling macronutrient (fats, carbs and proteins), and helps you feel more full with less food. Protein is also known to reduce your level of the dreaded hunger hormone (ghrelin) and boosts the satiety hormone peptide YY, which makes you feel fuller. Winning!

QUICK FIX: 3pm Almond Protein Balls! These filling, healthy balls are your 3pm snack saviours! They satisfy your hunger cravings, and keep you revved up until your next meal.


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Problem: I want to dump my unsupportive boy-toy/friend!

Solution: BALLS! Sometimes there are people in your life that offer nothing but negativity, but there’s nothing you can do about that right? WRONG! Have the balls to stop wasting time and energy on people that don’t benefit your life, and watch it become more positive instantly.

QUICK FIX: Recover Peanut Butter Protein Balls! Let your emotions (and your muscles) recover with our peanut butter balls, as they increase your serotonin and boost your mood.


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Problem: I’m super stressed out!

Solution: PROTEIN! Amino acids are super beneficial for treating lack of energy and low moods. Studies have shown that it’s especially important to consume the right amino acids in times of stress, as Glutamine (an amino acid) is especially useful in counteracting the symptoms of stress.

QUICK FIX: Balance Strawberry Protein Smoothie! This convenient smoothie has 17g of protein, and has the perfect nutrients to keep you happy, stress-free, and balanced.


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Problem: Feeding my kids is taking up all my time!

Solution: BLISS BOMBS! Okay so maybe these won’t solve ALL your kid related problems, however what they WILL do is give you a bit more free time, and save you the stresses of worrying about what to feed your kids at snack time.

QUICK FIX: Courageous Choc Bliss Bombs! These all-natural, free from nasties, lunch-box friendly snacks are your new best friend when it comes to feeding the kids.

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