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We had a sneaking suspicion that women were real life superheroes all along, but after seeing what these babes have achieved while being pregnant we’re now convinced! 

Inspired by US track and field champ Alysia Montano competing 5 months pregnant recently, we decided to compile a list of our fave inspiring #babeswithbumps!


Alysia Montano

Track and field star Alysia Montano has been dubbed the ‘real-life wonder woman’ while competing in the 800 metres, not 1, not 2, but 5 MONTHS PREGNANT! Adding to her wonder woman status, Alysia has previously run races while 8 months pregnant!

Gal Gadot

Speaking of wonder woman… Star of the recent Wonder Woman film, Gal Gadot, filmed the movie while pregnant! The bump could be covered thanks to CGI magic, and her new baby Maya is able to claim that she’s already a movie star!

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

This one of our #babeswithbumps is really just a show off. Julia Louis-Dreyfus went through not one, but two pregnancies while filming Seinfeld! Thanks to baggy coats and strategic angles viewers barely noticed the difference, and Elaine was just as funny as ever

Serena Williams

As if announcing a pregnancy isn’t exciting enough, the world went into meltdown when Serena Williams revealed she’d won the 2017 Australian Open 8 weeks pregnant! Wonder if her unborn baby will be claiming she’s been a #1 tennis star, we know we would!

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