NEWSFLASH! We are ALL in a relationship. And no single ladies we haven't found your prince charming and this isn't The Bachelor... We're talking about food! Oh yes food, for some (*all) this is the most dependable relationship we have but all of a sudden the lines keep getting blurrier and a lot of babes are now just flat out confused.

The point we're making is this relationship that we're all very invested in is seemingly getting more and more complicated with every fad diet/wonder supplement/superfood saviour/game changing discovery and 'expert' opinion that shows up on our social media newsfeed. 

Well babes it's time for some Health Lab couples counselling, so let's start healing this relationship for you with 4 easy steps.

Step 1: Don't just look at what you're eating look at why you're eating it.

Something a lot of people don't realise is the food choices we make have less to do with what we want to eat and more to do with how we feel about ourselves. It's no coincidence that when we're feeling down we reach for a tub of ice-cream and after we've been to the gym we go for a green juice and salad. So to start un-complicating your relationship, start by giving yourself some love and tune into your body.


Step 2: Use some of that womanly intuition that you were blessed with.

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If you're so committed to fuelling your body with only the healthiest of foods that you read every article there is on what you should and shouldn't be eating, chances are you're pretty confused. Everyone has a different opinion and believes in different things, that doesn't mean that some are wrong and some are right it just means that they're body is different to yours and what works for them won't necessarily work for you.

Listen to your body, don't cut out gluten because some blogger said so, cut out gluten if it makes you feel bloated, fatigued or pain in the stomach. Use your own head first and foremost when you're shopping and go back to basics. Fresh fruit and veg, lean meats, healthy whole grains and nuts should always have most of the space in your trolley.

Step 3: Stop looking at unhealthy food as a reward.

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Food is not a prize babe, it's fuel for your body. If you want a healthy relationship with food you need to always go back to 'Step 1' and ask yourself why you're choosing to eat it. Eating a whole pizza because you ran an extra 5km this week isn't going help you feel your best and will just undo all the great work you've done to improve your fitness, confidence and wellness. The sooner we realise that these choices are impacting a lot more than our dress size the sooner they will stop seeming worth it.

Step 4: Stop focusing on what you can't eat and focus on what you can.

pic: @sporteluxe

"Healthy food is yuck and unhealthy food is yum" might be what your 5 year-old thinks but it shouldn't be how you feel. Healthy food can be delicious, you know this, you've tried our balls! ;) Put simply if we're constantly thinking about what we're missing out on, we'll crave it and eventually cave. Put time and effort in trying some new healthy recipes so that you no longer miss anything because you're satisfied, healthy and glowing! 

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