Well babes, it’s getting towards that time of winter again! The days are getting warmer, more babes are baring their legs, and the sun’s coming out to play, which can really only mean one thing… 

Time for spring-cleaning is just around the corner! YES spring-cleaning is a total cliché, but YES we look forward to doing it every year! We know you already know how to clean your house (hopefully…), so here’s some other ways to spring clean your life in time for the warmer weather!


Spring clean: your diet!

As we all know, ‘winter’ is another word for ‘sit on the couch watching tv eating comfort food’. With the warmer weather comes an influx of yummy fruit and veggies, which makes it the perfect time to up your fresh food intake! Why not make the most of the seasonal produce and have a pea, spinach and artichoke dish for dinner tonight?

Spring clean: your insides!

Often when spring comes, our body is all too quick to remind us of all the skipped workouts and comfort meals, by being its most lazy, sluggish self. Well babes, we’ve got two words for you: lemons, and sauerkraut. Add a bottle of lemon water to your day, and a sprinkle of sauerkraut on your lunch to flush out those toxins (lemon water) and give your gut the spring clean it so needs (sauerkraut)!


Spring clean: your computer!

Often overlooked in your spring-cleaning sessions is your beloved computer! Uses spring-cleaning as the excuse you’ve been needing to organise, organise, organise! We’re talking folders, sub-folders, finally making the most of cloud storage (we love Google Drive), and deleting or filing away anything you haven’t looked at in the last 6 months. Yes Year 10 essay on migrating birds, we’re talking to you…


Spring clean: your workout!

Let’s be honest babes, many of us will have neglected (if not completely abandoned) our regular routines over the colder months, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing! This gives us the perfect excuse to try out that boxing class/reformer Pilates/28 day challenge you’ve been putting off truing, and a great time to revamp your overall workout routine in time for warmer weather.

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