Do you feel sexy? Let's be real, sadly most women's knee-jerk reaction to that question is no... Particularly after we've eaten a bowl of pasta the size of our head. And there is a reason beyond a belly full of carbs that this changes how we feel, and it isn't necessarily guilt. Feeling sexy and confident is as much (or even more) mental than physical. If you struggle with keeping a healthy and positive relationship with your body image, then this is a must read.

Blake Worrall-Thompson is a trainer in Sydney who started off specialising in one-on-one personal training and has worked with the likes of Sam Frost (hello amazing Bachelorette transformation), models like Lara Bingle & Georgia Gibbs and the list goes on. After moving more into small group training he has launched his crazy popular 6 Weeks 2 Sexy program in Sydney and Adelaide (soon to be expanding in Aus) where he is helping women, through fitness and diet, to kick goals in every area of their life, improve emotional intelligence and just become confident & sexy AF. In short, this dude knows a lot more than just abs & booty.

HL: Tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind your program 6 Weeks 2 Sexy?

BWT: It all started after I did a T.V. show a number of years back called ‘Eat Yourself Sexy’ and off the back of that got a fair bit of interest from women in their mid 20’s. At the time I was doing all one on one sessions and decided small group training was the direction I wanted to head so I made the change. The program has now evolved MASSIVELY over the past 4 years as we look to stand out from the other bootcamp and small group training programs available.

HL: What does the word 'sexy' mean to you? We'd love to hear a guy's perspective.

BWT: Haha, its funny you ask because my definition of sexy and the messages I preach throughout the program are different to mainstream media and social media’s perception of sexy. For me being sexy is all about keeping it real, being authentic, staying ground, finding REAL confidence, having a level of emotional intelligence that has you stand out from the crowd and being a BOSS in all areas of your life – not just one area. Yes I definitely want the girls looking and feeling sexy in their bikini’s but if they aren’t happier and more fulfilled versions of themselves then I haven’t done my job properly ;)


HL: Do you see more than just a physical change in the women who complete your program then?

BWT: Absolutely! As I kind of stated above the physical challenge is AWESOME, but personally, I think the game of ‘training’ has changed. I think as a COACH you need to be able to provide more than just sets, reps and a nutrition plan. These girls are finding themselves happier, killing it in their careers, feeling more fulfilled, have a better relationship with food, are more conscious of what works for them and what doesn’t, are breaking through the BS that is holding them back. The list is endless.

HL: With the influence that magazines, celebrities and social media have on women, the pressure to have 'the look' is higher than ever. What advice do you give your clients that come to you with a negative relationship with their bodies.

BWT: Focus on their inner dialogue and own thoughts. You’ll be amazed how many people aren’t in tune with what they think, how they feel and how they respond. We as humans are responding to situations on a DAILY basis that aren’t serving us or aren’t good for us.

The first step for all the girls in the program is awareness. Once they are aware of their thoughts, inner dialogue and responses then we can move forward from there. You need to create that level of consciousness first. If someone is REALLY struggling with this process, I still think the best thing to do is shut off your social media until you feel you are in a better headspace to deal with it. Comparison is the thief of joy.


HL: Weights, cardio, cross-fit, yoga, pilates, yogalates! Is there a front-runner or is the key to an ace workout routine variety?

BWT: I don’t really think there is a front runner when it comes to training these days. I think the most important thing is to find what works for you. The cool thing for the ‘consumer’ these days is that there is so much variety that they can try different things until they find what works for them. 6w2s isn’t for everyone, as the same for crossfit etc. The number one rule still applies though if you are serious about results – consistency.


HL: For our busy babes that sit at a desk all day, how much time should they be spending working out a week?

BWT: Our girls train 5 days a week. Its just become part of their lifestyle and I think that is the way people need to think about it. But as a minimum – 3 times a week.


HL: Let's talk diet, what are you're top 3 no-no's.

BWT: Sugar. It is the easiest way to lose weight. Cut it out and the weight will slide off you.

The perfect diet. There is no such thing, and if you pick up a book that is telling you it’s the perfect diet kindly put it back on the shelf and walk away from it, cause its BS. With the 6w2s plan we have our guidelines and rules BUT everyone that comes to our program comes in all different shapes and sizes. So with that I need feedback from them, what is working for them and what isn’t – we can then adjust it over time and create the ‘personalised plan’ for them

Thinking that it's all about the diet. If you can't get your mindset around the fact that its NOT just about the diet you are going to go round and round in circles trying different diets. You can't underestimate the patterns, habits and emotional eating that come with the choices you make and your ability or inability to get results.


HL: If we peeked in your fridge and pantry, what items would we find in there week in, week out?

BWT: A full fridge and a not so full pantry. If you think about it you want most of your food to be FRESH (as opposed to pre packaged) with that in mind it means most of your food is going to be in the fridge and you’ll only have a few things (plus spices, salt, pepper etc) in the pantry. For most people it’s the other way around.


HL: Your recommendations for a healthy breakfast to kick-start that metabolism and keep you energised all morning?

BWT: It really depends on your morning ritual. If you are training first thing in the morning then you need your carbs in your post workout shake/smoothie. If you aren’t training or you train at night then I am big on making sure you’ve got very little sugar in that first meal. Too much sugar and you’ll find it hard to stabilise your blood sugar levels throughout the day. Here is another case of personalising your diet to accommodate for your lifestyle.


HL: Some women are afraid of protein powders and weight training because they don't want to become too 'bulky' or masculine, what's your advice?

BWT: Haha, the ol’ ‘bulky’ question – it still comes up!

In short, unless you are injecting performance enhancing drugs (which I don’t suggest) you’ll find it EXTREMELY hard to get bulky. Protein is ESSENTIAL for your body, not just as a powder in your post workout smoothie but throughout the day. Take a look at the 6w2s girls and you’ll see there is nothing to be concerned about when it comes to ‘bulking’ from training and protein. Bulking is more likely to come from over eating then it is from weight training ;)


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