Sometimes it just feels like some people go out of their way to make a babe’s visit to the gym as painful as possible! Here’s our list of people at the gym that drive us babes CRAZY! Know anyone that’s guilty of these? 

The Selfie Addict

Thought you’d check out your form (or your hair) in the mirror? Not if this gym-goer has anything to do with it! The selfie addict is annoyingly somehow still totally ripped, even though they never seem to do any actual working out.


The Socialite

Can never go to the gym alone, and if they do must spend the ENTIRE time on the phone telling their friends LOUDLY about their day/weekend/love life. The socialite can often be found relaxing and texting on the one machine/bench that you really need to use.

The ‘Multi-tasker’ (aka, the Hoarder)

Exclusively works out at peak times when the gym’s the busiest. Can be relied upon to have at least one of every single piece of equipment that they’re ‘using’, and must not have been taught how to share as a child.

The Grunter

Can be heard from EVERY corner of the gym. In some extreme cases can even be heard from outside. When the grunter’s not grunting they’re breathing heavily, just in case you didn’t notice they’re working the hardest out of ANYONE in the WHOLE ENTIRE gym.

The Know it All

Feels compelled to give workout tips to anyone and everyone, particularly total strangers. For the love of donuts, PLEASE let it be known that the only time we appreciate tips on our technique/routine/choice of supplements is either when we ASK for them, or come from a personal trainer.


Honourable mentions go to anyone that stares at us for more than a passing glance! Yes, tall dark and handsome guy over by the weights, this one even applies to you. We’re trying to get a workout, not a date*.


*But okay if you insist on a date, we won’t say no to free wine!

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