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The A B C' S of Your Summer Detox Salad

by Alouisa De Gryse |


Image: Belle of the Kitchen

Detox… Just the word itself sounds restrictive right? Well, take it from us, it doesn’t have to be! Instead of trying to drink lemon water and eating cucumbers for a week, why not try out some of these naturally cleansing, detox-friendly foods chucked together in a simple salad?


Asparagus is a natural diuretic that can be great with helping liver drainage, and flushes out excess liquid in the body which helps keep that tummy trim! It’s also great for your overall digestive health thanks to it’s soluble and insoluble fibre.


Image: A Spoonful of Photography

B is for: BEETS

Beetroots contain a super mix of phytochemicals and minerals that make it a 10/10 blood purifier. It also contains compounds called glutathiones, which are essential in detoxing the liver!


Image: Jo Cooks

C is for: CARROTS

Because they’re also rich in glutathione, carrots are another super powerful detoxing vegetable! They’re also loaded up with helpful beta-carotenes and vitamin A, which help improve immune function.

 Image: Ali Ebright

S is for: SPINACH

Spinach is the perfect base for your super detoxing salad, as the leafy green has HUGE amounts of handy detoxing compounds, but only when eaten raw! It also contains twice as much iron as other leafy greens.

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