Here we are, stuck in what seems to be the opposite of a winter wonderland; torrential rain, hail, temperatures below 10 degrees, snow seems like the next plausible thing. However, for those babes who are lucky enough to made it out of these miserable conditions and are galavanting across Europe for the summer (major envy), we have some hot news for you and it's called; Obonjan Island Festival. 

Islands and festivals, they go together better than wine and cheese. Not only will you get a killer tan in the European sun while we all fade to pale, but there is almost nothing this heavenly Croatian festival is missing.

Obonjan Island, located along the Croatian Coast, and well on its way to becoming Europe’s first island dedicated to arts and wellbeing. Opening this summer, Obonjan has everything from music to food to wellbeing activities, all the while shacking up in fancy tents with a beachfront view that will leave anyone speechless. And don’t worry babes, you won’t miss any of our Instagram posts as the island has free Wi-Fi!!

Need some more convincing? Here is what else Obonjan offers... oh and WARNING: do not read on if you're not willing to book a plane ticket in the next 5 minutes.


If you love chilling out to some tunes while sipping Peña-Coladas’ poolside, Obonjan is the place for you. Obonjan Island has quite literally has something for everyone. Whether you’re always down for a rave, can’t get enough of electronics, or love to chillax to some reggae, we're sure you will find something you love.

Different tunes at every corner sounds great, but there’s nothing better than live music. Don’t worry though babes, Obonjan has thought of that too. There’s an array of artists, bands and DJs from across the globe that will in no doubt pleasure the eardrums.


Food and Drink

Many people travel to Europe for the incredible culinary experience to introduce their palette to the unique fresh and organic produce. That’s right, you guessed it, Obonjan festival is a one-stop island with everything that will satisfy all your cravings. Well almost, we recommend a travel canister or two to keep your itches in check and your bikini bod lookin' fine.

It’s selection of restaurants and bars are open breakfast, lunch and dinner, and have everything from pizza to a salad to a nice cold beverage enjoyed with a killer view. Not to worry vegan or gluten-free babes, they’ve got options for you too. This festival is looking too good to miss, isn’t it?


With all the boozing and snoozing and raving until dawn, how will your body keep up with you, you ask? There may be no weights and cardio equipment, but you sure will feel a whole lot better with Obonjan’s free group classes and activities including yoga, dance yoga and meditation, as well as tarot readings, raiki and roaming massage. If you want to splurge that little bit extra, healing sessions, massage treatments and creative workshops are also provided on the island.

What Else?

Convinced yet? We are. However we've got a lot of hungry babes that need feeding but for those of you who are feeling a little more free spirited here’s a little more Obonjan can offer you that you won’t be able to refuse.

The island is a short trip off the mainland that is home to jaw-dropping, selfie worthy waterfalls, ancient ruins and national parks. There are also some incredible restaurants that are too amazing not to experience (hashtag foodporn).

Excitement may get the better of you as you rush off to the airport without your essentials, however not to worry, there is a store with all the necessities needed for the holiday of a lifetime. It also has gifts you can bring home for the poor, unfortunate souls left behind to freeze (aka us).

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