So there’s a long list of the things you expect to happen during your pregnancy from random food cravings, baby brain and the obvious weight gain. However, what I didn’t expect was some or all of the following:

1. Pregnancy is the biggest ‘ice-breaker’ for strangers to randomly start chatting to you. And believe me, nothing is off limits. From the “Were you and your husband trying?” to “oh wow you are huge” to “How much weight have you put on?” – I have been gob-smacked several times in locations such as car parks, supermarket aisles, gyms, aeroplanes and Ubers.

2. Other women feel it’s their obligation to share the most horrific birthing story with you, just before asking whether you intend to have a natural or drug-filled labour. And Facebook is really no better…has anyone ever written an article on a positive labour story?!

3. You constantly get asked about when you are planning to have baby number two? This one completely baffles me – as I haven’t even popped out the first one and am just getting my head around the upcoming and very possibly horrific labour (refer to #2).

4. All your loving friends and family around you are suddenly psychic and know 100% whether you are having a boy or a girl.

5. You can have eye spasms where you lose your vision! I mean WTF! At least you get an answer when you Google quickly, but it can be bloody scary at the time – all part of the pregnancy hormones apparently ladies!

6. The lack of sleep starts well before the baby arrival bit…I mean how do you get any sleep when you have to go to the bathroom like 100 times and then there’s the human kicking inside of your tummy…all part of the fun!

Lucky for you other busy Mummas out there I know all about the cravings and constant feeling of being hungry so I've put together you Pregnancy Survival Kit RIGHT HERE.

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