OK, well maybe not you! Because we know that statistics that apply to the general masses don't necessarily affect our amazing babes, but heed this warning! 

According to our friend and celeb trainer Blake Worrall-Thompson, on average us Aussies gain 3-5kg every winter. No, no, don't read that sentence again and again, you hear right - 3-5 kilograms!!!

Now, we're about as partial as the next babe to succumbing to an evening with red wine, chocolate and movies on the couch instead of getting our butts moving when the winter chills kick in. But we bet a lot of us don't realise how often you're switching exercise for indulgence and exactly how much it's affecting your body.

We know a little extra weight gain in winter is no major deal when there are no bikini selfies in sight, but 3-5 kgs is not only bad for your health, it's probably more than undoing your hardwork from spring and summer and sending you wayyyyy backwards.

Here are our top 3 tips for avoiding what we're calling "The Winter 3-5"

1. Plan out your week

Don't just pop your meetings and coffee dates in your planner, put your sweat sessions and 'indulgence' activities in too. It's easier than you think to say to yourself 'oh maybe I'll snuggle on the couch just for tonight' instead of hitting the gym, and then BAM it's Friday, your gym is checking if you're still alive and you're all snuggled out!

2. Don't just meal prep snack prep!

What good is cooking up all your healthy meals on Sunday ready for the working week if your reaching for the cookie jar every afternoon at 3pm? Get your snacks sorted and make sure they are free from nasties, low in sugar and high in protein for maximum satisfaction. It just so happens that we sell delicious snacks that meet that criteria right here, lucky you! Get your snack prep done in 5 seconds right HERE.

3. Join a gym

Even the most highly motivated babes can't make themselves get up for their morning run if it's freezing, windy and rainy. Join a gym or studio so that your workouts aren't dependant on something as unreliable as weather. No one needs help thinking of an excuse not to curl up under the doona in front of Girl Boss this winter. Pro tip: Bikram yoga in winter feels so good you'll want to exercise all day, every day! Fact.


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