As with anything in life, the key to success at work is in confidence, and we know you babes have it in bundles with the help from our balls! Whether in heels, kicks, or uggies, you can walk that walk straight to the top – but are you always talking your best talk?

At Health Lab, we’re pretty damn good at kicking things to the curb, so we’ve put together the top 4 words that need to GTFO of your work vocab so you can be the best boss version of you and make your end goal the next goal! 


Babe, you need to be heard loud and clear, and this word can minimise the power of your statement! “I just wanted to see…” can be code for “Sorry (not sorry) for taking up your time”. Own what you want and need from your colleagues – when you bring the goods they’ll respect your assertive sass!

FYI - The only time when you need to be using this word is when it has ‘in’ on the end of it and is referencing a pop singer. We’re all about the Timber.


“I actually think…” red flag, babe! Using this word makes you sound actually surprised at your own opinion. Say it like you mean it. Or fake it. Whatever you need to get it done ;)

“Am I Making Sense?”

Babe, until you put that out to the universe, you were. Of course you want to make sure your audience is keeping up with your #boss ideas, but this can imply you feel incoherent and even come across as condescending. Preach it like T-Swift’s love life, babes!

“I can’t”

Us babes at HL are all about dreaming big and pushing boundaries - using these dirty words sets you limits and allows fear to win! Can you try our new balls? Of course you can! Can you land your dream job? For sure! Can you be Leo D’s next girlfriend? Absolutely!!

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