In our fast-paced world of technology and smartphones, it’s become next to impossible to detach ourselves from technology! While scanning through your social medias while watching Netflix and catching up on emails all at once may seem efficient, studies have shown that doing more than one thing at the same time is actually making us slower and stupider, rather than making us more efficient!


Completely cutting out technology is near impossible, so instead it’s important to focus on realistic goals like taking mini breaks and having digital detoxes every once in a while! So to make it easy for you, we’ve decided to share our favourite ways of unplugging with our babes!


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Unplug your wakeup

Most of us are guilty of reaching for our phones first thing, so instead of checking your phone first thing, try doing something for yourself instead. Some of our favourites are meditating, reading, or making yourself a coffee/lemon water and listening to some music.


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Unplug your apps

Try making your phone into more of a PHONE. We know it’s not viable to totally go Nokia old school – who are we kidding – but give deleting one social media app a week a go! Start with Facebook, even if you go onto the website once in a while you’ll still reduce your scroll time infinitely, and you’ll be surprised how you forget it’s even missing.


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Unplug your phone

Dedicate half an hour blocks to locking your phone in a drawer/putting it on a high shelf/giving it to someone to hold. This is particularly effective when trying to get work done/studying, but is also great for spending quality time with your partner, friends or family. For added ease, make it a group activity and get them all involved!


There are tons of tips and tricks out there, but remember it’s a phone! If you want, you can literally just Switch! It! Off!


Happy unplugging babes. 


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