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Want your skin to glow, wrinkles to go & ageing to slow? These are the foods you need to know!

by Madelyn Bartholemew |

Guest feature by: Brooke Hutchinson!

At Health Lab we are overjoyed to hear any new excuses to justify eating more. Improving your health from the inside-out is something we 100% support, especially if it means hitting up our favourite brunch spots more often (for the sake of nourishment, of course).

Well babes, have we got news for you! Not only do our new probiotic beauty balls increase the number of beneficial gut bugs in your tummy, but also work to have your skin GLOWING! With our two scrummy flavours- choc matcha and mixed berry- edible beauty products just got matcha tastier & we’re berry excited. Despite how much we love these moreish balls of tummy-treating deliciousness, we know they’re not the only foods that will have you having a healthy, natural glow.

Now, everyone bangs on about “staying hydrated” and “hydration is key” to clear, dewy skin. Goodo! We’re not going to argue. But a big ‘ol glass of H2O just ain’t gonna cut it when the hangries strike at 3pm. 

Fear not; we’ve got the solution! This is our carefully devised list of foods that are the bees knees to improve skin clarity. They’re yummy, they’re versatile and they’re perfect for glow-getting babes! 

Whole grain foods

Look for low GI babes. Before you ask “what the heck is GI?”, we got you covered. It stands for glycaemic index. Still sounds stupidly complicated? Indeed, but basically it’s referring to how foods effect you insulin levels (‘blood sugar’ in plain English). If a food is LOW GI, it doesn’t spike your blood sugar levels. This is good! Because sudden sugar surges boost androgen hormone production and can cause pimples!

Food inspo: wholemeal bread, brown rice, whole grain cereals, rolled oats

Go Nuts for Walnuts

Walnuts: glory-nuts that soften your skin!

These nuts are full of essential fatty acids. Hold up?! Essential FATTY acids?!!? Last time we check fatty was what we’re avoiding and acids give you reflux…?!?!  Not to fear, babes! These are the good fats! Apparently not good enough for your body to naturally produce, so you’ve got to get your daily dose from your food!

These nuts don’t just look like brains, they’re rather clever little buggars! With nutrients that keep your skin functioning properly and omega-3’s that help with inflammatory conditions like psoriasis, you simply can NUT get enough of them! And did we mention they’re wrinkle-reducers too. They just wal-nut stop providing the goods!

Skin Supporting Nutrients: zinc, essential fats, vitamin E, selenium, protein

Sweet Potatoes

Forget to slap on your sunscreen of the morning? We’re guilty of this atrocity against our skin too *sign*. But we can do better, together! Beta-carotene is found in high levels in orange veggies like sweet potato. This keeps your skin healthy by working as a natural sunblock! Can sunscreen get more natural… and yummy?!?! Forget absurdly expensive anti-aging creams, this fancy spud can assist with sunburn prevention and if you do get burnt, reduced the severity of wrinkled, dry skin.

Skin Supporting Nutrients: vitamin A, beta-carotene


Talk about a food that does it all!! A special little compound found in broccoli (known as sulforaphane) is a Super Skin Saver, working to neutralise nasty free radicals whilst activating other protective body systems. If you’re not already eating this, you better start! Who’d have though the humble broccoli would be an integral addition to you beauty regime!

Skin Supporting Nutrients: vitamin A, lutein, vitamin C, zinc, sulforphane


Babes, it’s not just you; I want to nourish my entire body, from my head to-ma-toes!! People think oranges are the best source of vitamin c, but tomatoes are just as good a source for this skin-loving nutrient! Contsinign all major caretnoids, adding tomatoes into your diet may protect against wrinkling and sun damaged skin. But we don’t care for short-term skin-improving solutions. That’s why tomatoes get are so excellent; they help maintain skin health.

TOP TIP: for your body to properly absorb carotenoids, consuming them with fats is essential

Skin Supporting Nutrients: vitamic C, carotenoids (especially lycopene)

Green Tea

Yes. We know that this is one of the least popular drink choices for anyone with functioning taste buds. But there’s no denying that the Japanese were on to something when they started guzzling the stuff all those centuries ago. Regardless of how underwhelming a beverage it may be, you’ll be overwhelmed with the perks of drinking it! Like a guardian of your skin, it protects your skin from harm and aging… oh, now green tea sounds worth enduring? We think so! This is thanks to a super-charger compound, catechins. Redness-reduction, improved skin elasticity and lusciously lustrous skin are benefits we’ll start drinking green tea to reap the rewards of!

Skin Supporting Nutrients: catechins (antioxidants)

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