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If there is anyone that knows skin and knows babes, it's Frank. The super smooth voice behind Frank Body has a lot to say and we thought it best to pick his brain given that it's just about time to be busting out the shorts and soaking in the sun.

HL: We all know why coffee is so important to keep our boss babes going through the working week, but why should we be treating our skin to it?
FRANK: #letsbefrank: the only thing I love more than you babe, is coffee. Why? Because it makes sense as coffee has the same pH level as your skin, so it won’t leave you feeling dry or oily. It’s also packed with antioxidants, smoothing out lumps and bumps. It’s my favourite natural exfoliator, buffing away dry & dead skin cells, leaving you smooth & supple. But most importantly, it makes you babes’ smile.


HL: Summer weather is fast approaching, how should our babes get their legs lookin’ fine and ready for their short shorts?
Have you heard of squats? I hear they’re fun.
Also dancing, very fun.
Equally bathroom workouts.
All else fails, I’ll be here – ready & waiting.

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HL: Every babe needs a glowing complexion to nail that barley there summer make up look, what are the top 3 mistakes we’re making that cause breakouts?

  1. You’re not taking your makeup off before bed. I like you in your most natural, naked form, babe. So remember to remove all that glitz and glam before hitting the pillow.
  2. You’re not drinking enough water, bab I like to think I can look after every inch of you – but one thing I can’t do, is hydrate your insides. Do this, on repeat. 8 glasses a day, babe.
  3. You’re leaving blocked pores, blocked. Post workout, remember to shower and scrub, getting rid of any dead skin, ready for the new glowing stuff.


HL: Since we’re all working our bods hard in the gym to get into the itty bitty bikini we have our eye on, what should we be doing post-workout to give our skin some TLC?
Working my way around the bathroom with you babes is one thing, but hitting the gym is another. Do this, first. Then meet me, and my limited edition Fit Kit in the shower.

A few handfuls of minty goodness, rubbed in circular motions. Smooth things over with my oil-based body balm.

I’ve always said no pants are the best pants, which is why Summer is my favourite season.


HL: Any last skin/fit/party tips to help our babes have their best spring/summer yet?
Less is more, babe. Unless we’re talking about #thefrankeffect.

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