Before starting Health Lab in 2015, our founder Jess spend many years in the beauty world working at L'Oreal. During that time, she spent a lot of time with product that were splashed onto your face and came with lots of claims and promosies about reversing the ageing process.

After leaving the corporate world and starting Health Lab, Jess learnt the beauty busting fact that the trillion-dollar face creams she’d been using really only addressed 20% of skin ageing concerns.

This discovery along with the belief that wellness and beauty shouldn’t be complicated, stressful or expensive it was inspired Jess to create the world’s first Collagen Beauty balls!

Why collagen? Collagen is the magical component and protein that helps keep our skin firm, plump, glowing and youthful, and our nails and hair game strong. BUT unlike fine wine, our collagen production doesn’t get better with age. Unfortunately, our natural collagen production begins slowing in our mid-twenties and the signs of ageing begin to appear (hello sad sagging skin, hair and nails).  So ingesting collagen as part of your daily diet can help rejuvenate, hydrate and strengthen the skin, plus help you reveal show-affable skin and nails.

In our biased opinions, these fuss-free beauty balls are an uncomplicated, convenient and damn clever addition to any beauty routine.

As a busy mum and business owner, Jess continues to be passionate about keeping the beauty and wellness range fuss-free, stress-free and BS-free. Stay tuned for more inner beauty products coming soon.  

Shop Collagen Beauty Balls in store at Myer or online here.


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