Being a brand all about the benefits of protein, we hear the ol' 'bulky' term thrown around a lot. But since we've confidently busted that myth, we're moving on to the weights question.

Short answer? Not unless you're trying to bulk up.

Building muscle is actually REALLY hard and unless you're sticking to a specialised program, training every day and consuming a strict diet high in calories, you need to try really hard to build a bulky physique.

So get your butt in to see a PT or a gym with great weights based classes, because these benefits will have you singing the praises of your new workout routine in no time.

So since they won't make you bulky, what will they do?

  • Increase your metabolism (tick)
  • Reduce body fat (tick)
  • Burn calories more efficiently meaning you can reduce your workout time (TICK)
  • Give you a lean & toned build (tick)

Is there downside? No, you will be hungrier on the days you work out, but because of the benefits of weights training, eat up babe! You earned it and your body with be burning fat for 24-48 hours post your workout.


Weights training has been praised by many celebrities and influencers and is fast becoming the preferred workout for women, rather than running yourself into the ground on a treadmill.

There's no doubt it's great for sculpting and toning, whilst also burning fat and getting your heart rate up. So if you can cut your time at the gym by increasing the effectiveness of your work out, we're all for giving it a try.

If your worried/excited about the eating more food thing, we got your back right here. Consuming snacks high in protein post workout is great for filling you up and keeping that metabolism burning full steam ahead!

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