According to recent research as many as 38 per cent of four-year-old girls want a different body size. It was this and other statistics that prompted Merissa Forsyth to launch Pretty Foundation. 

The not for profit organisation aims to empower girls with the perspective, skills and support to develop and nurture a positive body image for themselves and others.

Part of this includes the new book series 'Charlie's Tales'.  The series aims to develop Charlie as a peer role model to set an example for girls: one who embodies the characteristics of a healthy body image, and seeks to live her life to its full potential.

We absolutely love what Merissa and her team are doing and are thrilled to partner with Pretty Foundation to giveaway two prize packs! Each containing the two Charlie's Tales books and each flavour of new Kids Probiotic Bites.

Head over to the Health Lab Kids Instagram to enter now (entries close 23.09.18). 

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Hi Kate, just head to our Instagram and you can enter via our second last post. All the instruction are on the image caption.

Sarah Murphy

Can’t wait to read this with my daughter. It’s kind of crazy to think that already at 5 years old how aware they are about body image, fitting in and having long-lasting friendships. I always tell my daughter, we are all different and that’s what makes us unique because there is no one in the world quite like you.

Jean Lim

How do we enter this? As the parents of 4 daughters these books would be wonderful for helping us inspire them and also know to simply be happy with who they are. Thank you

Kate Jenkins

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