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We know, we know, morning people are the smug 50% of the world’s population, who have superhuman willpower and love nothing more than to tell you how they ran 35km before breakfast. BUT! Morning people are also proven to be happier, burn more fat when they exercise, and have increased productivity throughout the day (among 100s of other benefits)!

So come on babes, lets give it a go. We’ve gathered our favourite tips to finally help you become that smug, morning loving babe you’ve always secretly wanted to be!

Make a nightly routine

Morning people don’t just use willpower to get up in the morning, they use HABITS! When you’ve formed these habits, you won’t have to force yourself to get up, you just will! Follow this nightly schedule for one work week and watch your habits form!


9:30pm – start to get ready for bed

10pm – get in bed!

10:30pm – lights off babes

6:30am – get up after a solid 8 hours of sleep!


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Take advantage of natural light

Many of us sleep best when our blinds are completely closed, but taking up to a bright, sunny room will minimise your grogginess and keep you alert after waking up. Make the first thing you do in the morning to open your blinds fully, even (especially) if they’re across the other side of the room. This way even if you get back in bed, your body will start naturally adjusting to the day!


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Drink a glass of water

This one’s easy, and something you can do tonight! Before going to bed, drink one full glass of water, and pop another one next to the bed. Make the first thing you do in the morning to finish that glass of water! Science shows that drinking water makes you feel more alert, plus means you’ll probably have to get up and pee (thanks nature)!


Whichever tips you decide go with, remember to keep it gradual! You’re never going to be able to go from 8am wake-ups to 6am wakeups in one go, so remember to do it in 15-30 min increments. Once you start getting up early and feeling the benefits, you’ll be way more likely to keep going!


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