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Coconut Protein Balls | Box of 12

Got cravings? I’ll crunch them. My guilt-free goodness makes me a killer companion. Keep me close for when sugar or hunger cravings come knocking – I’ll keep them at bay!

Babe benefits: 

- Perfect snack saviour to keep on hand to kick any sugar cravings to the curb!
- Manage hunger (‘hanger’) levels
- Satisfy your sweet tooth with a bucket load of nourishing and natural ingredients

Honest ingredients:

Dates,Organic Fair Trade Coconut, Whey Protein Concentrate, Quinoa Flakes, Water, Vanilla and nothing else.  

What’s not in me?

Gluten, added sugars, sweeteners, nuts, artificial flavours, nasties, emulsifiers, GMOs, soy, Palm products or stabilisers.

Star ingredient: 

Co-co-nut: reduces sugar cravings, aids weight loss, boosts the metabolism and increases the activity of fat burning cells. It’s easy to see why we cram our balls with this miracle worker – we’re nuts for it!

Whey protein: Protein is proven to help control hunger levels, fight off sugar cravings, keep the metabolism revved up, and helps create a lean, toned bod. We use a premium grade Whey Protein Concentrate that has is low in carbs, high in protein and is bursting with immune boosting properties. Besides all the good bits, it doesn't contain any additives, hormones, added sugars or sweeteners. 


Coconut Protein Balls | Box of 12 Coconut Protein Balls | Box of 12

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