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Sweet Dreams Wellness Blend 150g


A relaxing, nourishing and deliciously guilt-free evening blend to help send you into a sensationally sweet slumber! 

Babe benefits:

- Helps to calm and relax the body and mind
- Encourages better quality Zzzz's
- Help regulate sleep cycles
- Rise and shine feeling 

Designed for... 

Women experiencing trouble falling and staying in a deep slumber.   

How it works: 

Modern lifestyle factors such as stress, anxiety, caffeine and technology can all impact the quality of sleep. These all-natural and calming ingredients have been used for centuries to help induce sleep and then maintain a deeper sleep.

Fanciest ingredients:

Magnesium: is magical for sleep helping to relax and calm the body and mind, and also cleverly helping regulate the sleep hero-hormone melatonin
CamomileCalming camomile has been used for a gazillion years to help with sleep, it’s crammed with antioxidants to help reduce anxiety and help you feel sleepy so you’re ready for your slumber
Valerian Root: Valerian Root is a sleep loving herb that helps reduce anxiety which promotes relaxation and sleep
Lavender: This super clever herb has been shown to improve sleep by helping to relax the body and brain plus increasing the amount of deep sleep you have.

Clever ingredients:

Cocoa Powder, Natural Prebiotic Fibre (Chicory Root Inulin), Coconut Milk Powder, Natural Chocolate Flavour, Chamomile Extract, Organic Cocoa Powder, Magnesium, Valerian Root Extract, Cinnamon, Natural Sweetener (Thaumatin), Lavender Powder

How to enjoy this blend:

Stir into very warm water or nut milks. Ideally enjoyed 30 mins before bed.

Sweet Dreams Wellness Blend 150g Sweet Dreams Wellness Blend 150g Sweet Dreams Wellness Blend 150g Sweet Dreams Wellness Blend 150g