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Choc Matcha Probiotic Balls | Vegan | Box of 12

There's a billion reasons to get snacking with this vegan probiotic ball! A fancy snack featuring 1 billion gut-loving probiotics (little peacemakers) that help replenish good bacteria and rebalance things in the belly. Not only does it contain a billion probiotics, but it is crammed with clever Matcha Green Tea Powder that boosts the metabolism, mood, memory, concentration and energy levels. 

Babe benefits:

- My 1 billion vegan probiotics help restore belly bliss, and a happy gut means increased energy and vitality, boosted moods and improved immunity
- I feature a bucket load of antioxidant rich ingredients which help fight signs of ageing, stress & fatigue
- I’m also low in sugar, just to sweeten the deal 

Honest ingredients:

Dates, Cashew Nuts, Organic & Fair Trade Coconut, Cacao Nibs, 1 Billion Vegan Probiotics, Organic Matcha Green Tea, Natural Cacao Flavour.

Whats NOT in me?

GMO’s, Dairy, gluten, sugars, sweeteners, artificial flavours, nasties, emulsifiers, yucky stuff, or stabilisers.

Star Ingredients:

Vegan Probiotics The gut is where all the magic happens for hormone metabolism, detoxification, energy production and absorbing essential nutrients. Our Probiotic Balls help create a healthy and happy belly, which means a bucket load of benefits including more energy and vitality, boosted moods and improved immunity.

Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder
Where to start with this multi-tasking superfood?! Not only does it contain a trillion* antioxidants, but it also boosts the metabolism, mood, memory, concentration and energy levels. Talk about a ‘wowder’**! *Well at least 100 x the amount of antioxidants found in any other tea – so a lot!