Australia's 1st Edible Beauty Range of Vegan Probiotic Balls!

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Edible Beauty - Probiotic Beauty Balls

The first edible beauty ball range to help women glow from the inside-out.

Beauty, health and wellness are converging, and a new wave of beauty has arrived - beauty from the inside-out!

At Health Lab, we are firm believers that true beauty starts from within, and whatever you put into your body is just as important as what you put on itEspecially when it comes to skin health. If you want radiant, glowing skin you need to start with a healthy gut. That’s why we have created our vegan Probiotic Beauty Ball range. They are filled to the brim with gut loving and complexion boosting ingredients, to help you glow from the inside-out.

The beauty balls make an effortless addition to your daily beauty routine and are a must-have for any beauty junkie! They provide a convenient and uncomplicated way to restore gut health and encourage healthy, happy skin from within. In our biased opinions, these are one of the smartest beauty products you could invest in

“Ladies, it’s time to shake up your beauty routine and snack your way to glowing skin.

Also available to purchase individually from Chemist Warehouse.