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What the heck are beauty and wellness blends?
Our fabulously clever beauty and wellness blends simply address your beauty and wellness concerns for your gut health, skin, lifestyle and sleep from within first. It is simply much more effective to treat these concerns starting from within.

How do I use the blends?
The multi-tasking blends are designed to be fuss-free and convenient, so we highly recommend adding them in your delicious daily smoothie. We have stack of terrifically easy peasy smoothie recipes here. But another handy way to enjoy them is to simply mix them into your nut milk of choice. The Sleep Beauty Blend is designed to be enjoyed in the evening with some warmed nut milk or water. 

Should I take them on a daily basis?
For best results, all the uncomplicated, nourishing and revitalising blends are recommended to be enjoyed on a daily basis.

Can I use all of them together?
Well yes, heck you can have yourself a little blend party! They are perfectly safe to use together except for our friend the Sleep Beauty Blend. We recommend that the relaxing Sleep blend is only devoured in the evenings and not together with the Lifestyle blend. 

Can I use when pregnant or breast feeding?
Firstly, congrats! Secondly, yes, they are perfectly safe to use when breastfeeding or pregnant. 

Here's some interesting FAQs for you...

  • Thanks to the influx of pregnancy hormones, expectant mums are at higher risk of experiencing digestive issues. Probiotics are perfect to help balance gut flora and encourage the proper function of the digestive tract. 
  • For breastfeeding mums, probiotics can decrease symptoms of mastitis, as they contain a strain of bacteria unique to breast milk.
  • Your skin changes dramatically during pregnancy, and luckily, collagen has a major part to play in ensuring you love the change. Hyperpigmentation and stretch marks are the two major players in this game, and the amino acids in collagen, which promote skin elasticity and improve hydration will knock them right out of the park, leaving you with supple, smooth skin from the inside-out.
  • The Vitamin B complex (found in our marvellous Lifestyle wellness blend) is basically your pregnancy’s best friend. B-vitamins play crucial roles during the pre-natal journey, including aided digestion, reduction of morning sickness and boosting energy.

When will I see/ feel results?
Within 4 weeks of commencing a consistent regime.

How should they be stored?
Store below 30 degrees in a cool, dry place (e.g. pantry cupboard or desk drawer at work).

After opening, how long can I keep the product?
Replace the lid after each use and they can be used up to their expiry date (not that it will take you that long to demolish them)!

Should I take them with a meal?
You certainly may! We just do not recommend consuming the blends with your latte as caffeine may impact the absorption of all the goodness crammed into them. 

Are the blends vegan friendly?
The Gut, Lifestyle and Sleep blends are all Vegan friendly. The Skin Beauty Blend features Marine collagen from sustainably sourced Snapper Fish, but contains no dairy.

Are the blends dairy free?
Yep, the fabulously clever and uncomplicated blends are all dairy free an gluten free too :)

Are there any side effects of taking them?
All the fancy blends are developed with a naturopath and are in accordance with Australian standards.

In regards to the Gut Blend, as everyones gut flora is different, some bodies can take awhile to adjust to the addition of prebiotics and probiotics. We recommend taking a break for a few days and then reintroducing the blend at a smaller amount until your body has adjusted.

All the blends are terrifically 100% natural, dairy free, gluten free, and theres no nasties in sight such as synthetic fillers. However, if concerned, you should always seek professional advice before commencing any new dietary regime.