There are hundreds of kids products on the shelves all claiming to be ‘natural’, how can I tell if something is full of B.S.?

We know you don’t wanna be one of those babes standing in the supermarket aisle checking the back of every label, but think of the kids! If there is anything listed that you have to Google (tocopherols, lecathin, dextrin, the list is endless) step away from the vehicle.


Our family has quit sugar. Are Bliss Balls for us?

Firstly, HIGH-FIVE! Sugar is an unnecessary evil, and we know how important it is to start healthy eating habits early with our mini humans. Secondly, for sure. Our whole range of Bliss Bombs have no added sugar. And when we say this, we mean it. Unlike other products claiming to be sugar-free, we refuse to use ‘hidden’ sweeteners like rice malt syrup, maple syrup, agave syrup or fruit juice concentrate.


My poor child is gluten-intolerant!

Our favourite cheat meal is pizza, so we seriously feel for them. We planned ahead when developing the recipe for our Bliss Bombs so our Courageous Choc and Cheeky Coconut flavours are 100% gluten-free.


My poor child is also lactose-intolerant!

They will never experience the wonders of triple-cream brie (okay, they might be a but young for that) BUT we planned for this too. Our whole range of Bliss Bombs is also 100% dairy free.


My child’s school has a blanket ban on nut products, help!

We SO understand that this is panic-inciting. All of the ‘healthy’ kids products on the shelves are full of the damned things. As mummas ourselves, we knew the importance of creating a nut-free recipe. No peanuts, no nuthin’.


But you’ve listed coconut as an ingredient?

A coconut is actually a fruit, not a nut. I know, crazy, huh?


They sound pretty healthy, will my child actually LIKE them?

Fair question. And yes. Our Bliss Balls have been road-tested by the fussiest of customers. Actually, you can ask Harry yourself.

This is the ultimate lunchbox treat, one that won’t come home untouched at the end of the day with the celery sticks.


The kids are screaming and I need some Bliss Balls stat!

You’ve come to the right place. Our whole range is available to buy online here. No need to pack the kids into the car either, they will be delivered to your door by a tall, dark, handsome man.*


We also have a blonde, muscly, surfer dude on call if this is more to your liking.*


Where do the Bliss Bombs come from?

It won’t come as a surprise that these awesome snack come from the foodie capital of Australia (ahem, MELBOURNE!) so your mini-me will be well on their way to #foodblogger stardom.